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Sherie L
2022年5月 • 一人
This is my Happy place. I love the selection and health of the plants. Family owned is also good. Exceptional service always. If you can't find your plants anywhere else you will find them here for sure. This is my fist stop every year.
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Dave H
オークデール, ミネソタ州16件の投稿
We were looking to put some Clematis vines off our deck. There are a gazillion varieties, and to pick the one that works best, you need to know height, sun exposure needs, blooming and pruning times, in addition to flower size/color. Donahue's has all of that on their website. And if you have questions, any time I have called, the person that answers is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and not only answers the questions you ask, but fills in some pointers you might not have thought about. If you can travel to the greenhouse, you get a 2 ft. tall plant in a 6" diameter x 6" tall pot, and you get to choose from typically 3 or for plants of any given variety amongst what must have been close to 80 varieties. When we went in Apr 24, 2021, many to choose from, and all were $20 a plant. If you order from online places, you'd be getting much smaller 3" or 4" versions, and generally higher prices, and certainly not as good of service. Unqualified (green) thumbs up!
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Bernardo F
ニューヨーク シティ, ニューヨーク州15,771件の投稿
2017年5月 • 一人
A nice green house and gift and floral place. Lots to see here for all your garden and yard type needs. It was odd to fine this on the list, but it was nice to see.
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ジョーダン, ミネソタ州70件の投稿
2017年4月 • カップル・夫婦
Donahue's is our "go to" greenhouse each spring. We visited last weekend during potting days. Their large retail store is filled with all types of annuals and perennials and many one-of-a-kind gifts. Check out their website and make a visit if you is worth it. They have staff galore that is completely knowledgeable and ready and willing to assist.
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ファリボー, ミネソタ州21件の投稿
2016年8月 • 一人
Love the selection of flowers, and their flowers do better then buying them anywhere else. I could walk around this place for hours. I was here 4 times this past summer.
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Brandy B
ファリボー, ミネソタ州19件の投稿
2015年12月 • ファミリー
Love this green house, huge selection in the summer. The best hanging baskets I've ever seen (easily comparable to the hanging baskets at Disney World). They are just beautiful! They also have herbs, vegetables plants for the garden, flowers you can purchase for making your own basket (they even host an event that guides you on making your own baskets), plants to spruce up your landscaping, fun outdoor decor, and I've even search all over for a specific plant to have only been able to find it at Donahue's.

They have knowledgable and friendly staff. I have attached a photo that includes their red train they allow you to take photos with for free. One of the staff members even was nice enough to take our photo.

Visiting the green house at Christmas is breath taking, the beautiful pontcettia's and all the decor so pretty.

Not to mention their clematis selection, love everything about it. My daughter really enjoys riding on their carts, while I push her through the isle of flowers.

Check out their Facebook page, they post all their upcoming sales on their!
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Jenn P
ミネアポリス, ミネソタ州36件の投稿
Donahue's is famous for their flowering clematis vines, but they also carry thousands of other plants, trees, flowers and vegetables. They also have a great selection of garden tools, containers, garden art and various plant and flower foods.

Prom time gets busy because of Donahue's large gazebo and full size train car that kids like to be photographed with, not to mention the beautiful flowers. Otherwise, plan for some time to push a cart around and enjoy yourself at Donahue's Greenhouse.

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