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Fun Store
2021年8月 • ファミリー
Great selection for teens on up.
My granddaughter, daughter and main squeeze all found things to take home at reasonable prices.

We visited twice 😊!
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ココアビーチ, フロリダ州28件の投稿
Love Island Gypsie
2018年7月 • ファミリー
We make a point of stopping here whenever we’re visiting the Jersey Shore. Great clothing, great style, reasonable prices. Don’t miss it.
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ヴァージニア ビーチ, バージニア州100件の投稿
Good selection but beware
2017年8月 • ファミリー
My daughter & I shop here every summer since they opened. There's a nice selection of trendy clothing but use common sense when deciding how to spend your money. Many items have tiny straps which break easily. Some items are sewn poorly so they will not withstand many washes. We have had success with denim items and most sweaters & sturdier items. I did shrink a few dresses by putting them in the dryer so hang dry almost everything, also to avoid pilling! The basic tanks are cute but after several times in the laundry they too begin to pill. We feel the prices are a little high but worth it if you select smart. Always make sure that what you buy will be yours forever! They are not in the habit of any returns!
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Stephanie M
Terrible quality and awful customer service
2017年7月 • 友達
This store may have adorable clothing; trust me I am always drawn in by their cool stuff. However it is over priced and absolutely terrible quality. I have had more than one item break from there, including a $50 romper that broke within 45 minutes of me wearing it at dinner. When I then spoke with the manager about this issue, she was one of the rudest people I've ever spoken too. She did not care about my issue at all, and blamed me for the problem. She told me the clothes were "delicate" and basically told me it was my fault. I don't understand why a store would knowingly sell clothes that typically break. This women actually told me I should take the item to a seamstress to get it fixed, because she concluded it wasn't her problem. She had no concern for any sense of customer service, and spoke to me as if I were beneath her. This store chooses to sell items from clothing companies that are terrible quality. I will never shop at this store again, because I'm not going to waste money on poorly made clothing, only to have to deal with awful customer service.
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ロング ビーチ, ニュージャージー州3件の投稿
Return policy and customer service HORRIBLE!
2017年6月 • 一人
I used to love this store, I live on the island and been going to this store since it opened! Last weekend I bought a shirt for a BBQ, it didn't have a tag on it at the time but the girl at the register rang up another one, seemed like it was not a big issue and wasn't warned of anything. So I go home and layout the shirt and realize there is a hole in it! I ended up wearing another shirt to the BBQ and called island gypsy the next day to tell them my problem and that I would need to exchange it. Again seemed like no issue and the employee said it could be exchanged.

The next weekend I went to the store with the shirt still in the bag with the original packing, and of course the receipt (basically untouched since I purchased it). The girl at the register named Colleen said she couldn't return it without the tag on the shirt. I informed her the shirt didn't have the tag when I bought it originally and was not notified of any consequences while purchasing the shirt or when I called to inform them earlier that week about it. Colleen continued not to work with me.

I then asked for the store manager, named Bethany, and she said she could not return the shirt because it smelled like I wore it! Could someone please tell me what a warn shirt smells like and how this store bases their returns on a smell. Again, I NEVER got to wear the shirt because of the hole, so it's "smell" should meet their strict qualification. I don't think they realized how absurd they sounded, so I asked if there was anyway I could get in touch with their district manager or owner. They said they could not give out that information, not even an email. I ended up leaving with the shirt because I was not getting anywhere and didn't want to hold up the line.

I have to say I was disgusted by their poor customer service. They basically accused me of trying to return a shirt already worn and ripped by me when that is not the case. They even defended their action by saying that I personally stated "I wore the shirt" to them which never came out of my mouth, because it didn't happen! I am not sure where in customer service they were taught to lie in order to avoid an exchange/return.

Ultimately, I am hoping to reach someone directly to resolve this issue, since both Colleen and Bethany refused to give me any direction to go in. But for the meantime, if all their employees reflect the two I met yesterday, expect to be treated like a liar and criminal while they sit on their "high fictitious pedestals."
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ヒルズデール, ニュージャージー州1,415件の投稿
great store for teen girls
2016年8月 • 友達
As a teenage girl, this is my favorite store on the island. The clothes are cute and trendy. However the prices can get expensive so I try to only buy a few thing s at a time to feel better about myself. It gets crowded at night time and the line for the dressing room is often very long.
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Diana R
ニューヨーク シティ, ニューヨーク州7件の投稿
Best store ever!!!
2015年6月 • ファミリー
I visited LBI June 27th to July 4th and literally went to Island Gypsy everyday with my son's girlfriend and bought things. I'm 54 and she's 22 and we both found clothes to suit out taste. It's stocked with tons of styles and plenty of sizes and they even have awesome bralettes, jewelry and sandals! The staff were so sweet and helpful and really fun too! Every town needs an Island Gypsy, it's amazing!!!
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Teri P
メドフォード, ニュージャージー州1件の投稿
Awful clothing
2015年6月 • ビジネス
Awful awful awful. I purchased a romper for my daughter she wore it once,I washed it and hung to dry. Saw a large hole in th seam. I had receipt and attempted to return and they would not take it back! It wasn't even two weeks old! Bad business Island Gypsy
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Great little boutique!
2014年9月 • 友達
Its not actually a little store its a LARGE store filled with TONS of amazing items. I am not sure if the store is open year round because some stores on LBI close for the summer, but I am hoping to get back to LBI in the fall and shop there again (Fingers crossed its opened!). I visited the store for the first time in August and what an experience! I haven't been to a shop like it before and prices are very reasonable. Normally shops like this are unaffordable but I got a good amount of items for $150. They have tons of dresses, tops, shorts, pants, sweaters, and accessories. Anything from typically layering items to statement pieces. Highly recommend this store!
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ハズレット, ニュージャージー州15件の投稿
BEST Summer Clothes Shopping!!
2014年4月 • 友達
Island Gypsy is a new comer to LBI and one store not to be missed while shopping in Beach Haven. It is in a beautifully renovated located on the corner next to the B & B Department Store. They have a beautiful selection of summer clothing and accessories for women, skirts, shorts, dresses and tops from casual to dressy and reasonably priced! I am looking forward to visiting them again on my vacation in July! A great new addition to the shops in Beach Haven!
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