Griggstown Canoe and Kayak Rental

Griggstown Canoe and Kayak Rental


sell c
As of Friday before past weekend, I have never been in a kayak or a canoe; nor can I swim.
The staff @ Griggstown Canoe and Kayak were extremely friendly and patiently answered all of my questions and doubts over the phone and after I went there.
We were 2 adults and 2 kids and were offered a 3 person Canoe (800lb max capacity).
Boy, we loved the trip. The kids got to see many turtles, frogs on the way into the canal and the paddling was not difficult at all. this place provides you with paddles, flirtation vests (for both adults and kids) for no additional charge.
The rental was very minimal and there are refreshments / drinks available at the place of very minimal charges.
I liked the trip so much that we went to the same place again todya (Sunday) for second time the same weekend.
I will go there again soon.
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Mark W
2019年9月 • ファミリー
Great place for a fun and easy way to get on the water. Lots of wildlife on the canal. Would recommend to anyone.
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ファーミントン, メイン州228件の投稿
2018年7月 • 友達
This place has been around for more than 30 years! Located at the site of an old Scandanavian general store in Griggs town. You can take your craft on the Canal or the nearby Millstone River. If you are a true beginner try the canal first. Nice people very good prices and refreshments can be purchased
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idris b
モンゴメリー, ニュージャージー州43件の投稿
2018年8月 • ファミリー
We used to visit this as a special getaway for a few hours while we were a little further away. Now that we live closer we keep on revisiting again n again. It's a nice and relaxing way to go around the canal. Peaceful surroundings . Lots of turtles to be seen
A nice bike path and a water gate from.olden days just a short walk away
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プリンストン, ニュージャージー州43件の投稿
2018年8月 • 友達
Shhh, I'm not sure I want too many folks to know how nice this is! With the right amount of muscle power you can get all the way down & back to Quakerbridge Rd! Past Turtles, herons floral displays and reflections for visual delight. However, you will get wet!

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ミルストーン, ニュージャージー州5件の投稿
2018年8月 • カップル・夫婦
I took family members for several hours. We rented both kayaks and a canoe. The staff was excellent (tip them!). Though young, they couldn't do enough to help us. I am up in years and feel my age getting in and out of a canoe. The young staff guy was superb. The paddle down stream (north!) and back up (south!) was just perfect. It was a Sunday so lots of people "floating" in their rentals. Everyone was very happy. The rentals are very affordable. This is a delightful, inexpensive, safe way to spend a day. There were some serious paddlers, but also families with little kids and dogs. One word of advice - don't paddle here or anywhere if there is a strong wind blowing. The canal runs north and south, so don't go if there is a stiff breeze out of the south. You will have to work hard on the return trip. You can paddle as far as you want, or take as short a trip as you want. If you decide to go here, you won't be sorry. Don't wear good clothes. As with all such trips, you might get a little dirty. I live nearby and walk the canal almost daily. You have a good chance of seeing lots of turtles and maybe ducks and a heron if you are paddling alone and it is not crowded. This canal is a treasure - one that everyone should enjoy and Griggstown rental is an excellent way to do it!
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bhuvana k
プリンストン, ニュージャージー州40件の投稿
2018年6月 • ファミリー
We rented a Canoe for 3. It was pleasant , No wait , people were helpful , not so expensive. A beautiful historic hand dug canal lots of turtles and birds. A nice stretch by the canal to walk too. They had a refrigerator with Gatorade and pop as well if you get thirsty after!
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ニューヨーク シティ, ニューヨーク州20件の投稿
2017年7月 • カップル・夫婦
This is a awesome little place. We rented a 3 person canoe and we're completely satisfied. There was no wait at all, just fill out the required forms and off we were. There were many turtles and also spotted a blue heron. We did see a snake go across the river. Water is a dirty brown so I wouldn't recommend swimming.
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Glad you had a good time. Hope to see you again soon
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Sandra H
Monroe Township, ニュージャージー州55件の投稿
2017年6月 • カップル・夫婦
This was my first time on a kayak and I had such a wonderful time! The canal was beautiful and we saw a lot of turtles. They have all the equipment you need and help you get into the boat. Can't wait to go back again!!
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レホボト ビーチ, デラウェア州108件の投稿
2015年9月 • ファミリー
Nice place to canoe or kayak on the canal. Weather was perfect and sunlight lit up the water. Many fish and turtles visible.

We try to do this once or twice a year. Always a good time.
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