Baatara Pothole

Baatara Pothole (タンノウリン)

Baatara Pothole

Baatara Potholeなどの観光スポットを満喫する方法


Sam D. Makary
2021年12月 • 友達
Discovered in 1952 by French bio speologist Henri Coiffait, the waterfall & accompanying sinkhole were fully mapped in the 1980s by the Speleo Club Liban. It is also known as the “Cave of the Three Bridges.”

During the spring melt, a 95-metre cascade falls into the Baatara Pothole, a cave of Jurassic limestone.
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エジンバラ, イギリス483件の投稿
2020年2月 • カップル・夫婦
It is a great wonder of our beloved Mother Earth. We had a great time here though it seems obvious there is almost no tourists at all in the winter season! Be aware there is a lot of snow on the path now. It is impossible to reach the waterfall with dry feet. Nobody is clearing of snow now. I know it sounds exotic and if you are not local, you may doubt the fact of its existence but at the moment there is really a lot of snow in Lebanese Mountains. You may reach the entrance to the site (we already have had snow up to the knees before) but from the entrance the path is all covered. We had great fun (for us first snow in the whole winter season!) but we ended up all wet. Also, take into consideration that normally it is is an easy path to walk but now walking is quite tiring and time consuming. Also, the water flow in the waterfall is weaker so it looks totally different than normally. For me it was stillness beautiful and it was a great experience of Lebanese Mountains in winter butelki there were people in our group which were not happy at all.
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Svetlana S
Мы приехали в октябре, когда водопад течет небольшой струйкой, но прелесть этого места даже не в самом водопаде, а в огромной трехярусной конструкции, созданной природой в скале.
Не знаю, как и кто делал фото этого водопада, так что видно все 3 яруса, у меня так не получилось - он просто очень огромный, фото не передает глубину и масштаб этого места – а тут действительно глубоко, что аж кружится голова.

Везде каменные дорожки, спуски с поддержкой и металлические тросы, за которые можно держаться рукой, + ограждающая лента натянута там, куда лучше не заходить, т.е. в плане бозопасности тут все хорошо. Естественно, большое количество туристов лезут и дальше вдоль всех стен водопада. Мой муж тоже пролез везде, где запрещено (обошел по кругу по сути) и был безумно счастлив.
Вход стоит 4000 лир или бесплатно, если пойдете потом в кафе. В наш приезд автоматизированный спуск не работал, но пешком тут 3 минуты по красивому ущелью.
Нужна удобная обувь, т.к. при спуске по ущелью есть скользкие камни (на спуске также есть ограждения, за которые можно держаться рукой).
Есть кафе, "обезьянья" тропа. На все про все тут максимум час.
Поездку сюда можно объединить с озерами Лаклюка (The Laklouk & Akoura Lakes), в 15 минут езды на авто. Или с посещением кедрового заповедника в Таннурине.
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パーム ビーチ ガーデンズ, フロリダ州1,443件の投稿
Although the waterfall is mostly dry at certain times of the year, it's worthwhile to come here at any time. The geology is fascinating. When the waterfall is in full force, it's nothing short of spectacular. There is a new chairlift to help you halfway back up to the road level. It's a bit scary but so much fun.
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Samer Abi-Khalil
2019年2月 • 友達
The Baatara pothole is a natural site. We may say it's risky and dangerous to visit or discover. But if you respect the instructions, and if you respect the nature, nothing harmful will happen. I don't want to talk about the pothole's history or geography, I let you search for it. But I really want to share with you my experience in visiting the pothole, and what I felt about. Amazing is a small word. Speechless is truly your reaction when reaching the pothole. I visited the site many times, but the most impressive one is when I went there walking for three hours on the snow wearing the snowshoes. All the region was a marvelous scene, everything white, everything silent except the wind, and once there the sound of the waterfall cut the one of the wind. You go there and you want to stay for a long time, because you feel released. Even in spring or summer, a sunny moment with all green will give the same effect. After all, Lebanon is about mountains and nature that deserve to visit.
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David S
シドニー, オーストラリア101件の投稿
2019年8月 • カップル・夫婦
We went yesterday to the gorge. If you’re driving to this pLace, be carefuL as the roads are narrow and windy and stiLL under construction for some parts, be safe and You’L be fine.. unLess you’re staying in the mountains, expect it to be a Long journey..
make sure you wear joggers/sneakers, the hike up and down is easy but you’re stepping on rocks. If you’re in thongs/fLipfLops it can be a struggLe..
we missed out on seeing water fLowing from the gorge maybe because it’s summer or it couLd have been dried out I’m not sure. Ether way it was cooL to see..
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Louis Moris
パリ, フランス17件の投稿
Expected more of a hike to get here - turned out to be more of a stroll on a few flights of stairs. Beautiful formation, however, when we went in early July the waterfall was but a tiny stream. I would not recommend the zip line as it was very slow and underwhelming, I would go for the chair lift instead if you want to enjoy the view.
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Rural traveller
2019年7月 • カップル・夫婦
couldn't get enough of this place. although no water was running during the dry season of July. it took us around 12 mins drive from our lodge in beit el deek.
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Isabel M
ヴィラ・ノヴァ・デ・ガイア, ポルトガル889件の投稿
É uma queda de água diferente. A água vem do degelo das montanhas e cai entre uns círculos de rocha. Por isso mesmo, é sempre aconselhável saber se a queda de água já existe antes de visitar, o que normalmente acontece na Primavera, a partir de Fevereiro até princípios de Junho. Noutras alturas só se vê a cavidade sem água, que é igualmente muito bonita. Devem estar preparados para descer (e subir, claro) bastantes degraus.
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バーク, バージニア州15件の投稿
Very nice natural scenery in route to get to the Pothole, we enjoyed the hike down to and back from the hole, we wished there was more water flowing.
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