Baines Baobabs

Baines Baobabs (ナイパン 国立公園)


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Myi tlse
セエ, フランス22件の投稿
un lieu magique à visiter
Un endroit incroyable perdu au milieu de nulle part. Nous y avons passé un moement magique. Mais attention, le lieu est difficile d'accès : il faut avoir un très bon 4x4 et maitriser la conduite sur routes sablonneuse avec parfois du sable profond.
Ne surtout pas s'aventurer sur les pans aux alentours des baobabs en dehors des traces.
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サンタ フェ, ニューメキシコ州86件の投稿
Nice campsite in a unique park
Not for everyone but Nxai Pans is a unique experience. Lots of sand and the animals are here but you have to be clever and a little lucky to find them. We did see lions twice.
The campground is good, the sites are a little close, however, the the toilets, showers and outside washing facilities are well maintained and clean.

We drove the next day to Baines Baobab campsite and it was very remote and not really anything there. It was gorgeous though but we decided to not stay the night.

The roads require a 4x4 to navigate so be prepared.
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ヴェルチェッリ県, イタリア112件の投稿
sotto i baobabs
Dopo aver visitato il parco siamo venuti qui a dormire. Dalla strada principale si può arrivare percorrendo una delle due piste sabbiose (come tutto il resto del parco). Sono circa 12 km. Ci sono 3 aree campeggio in tutto, molto distanziate l'una dall'altra, ciascuna ha un baobab. In ogni area possono sostare al massimo 3 jeep che viaggiano insieme. Non c'è l'acqua. Ci sono il gabinetto e la doccia (si deve riempire un secchio con la propria acqua). Non c'è la possibilità di lasciare l'immondizia. Non siamo stati al campeggio n°1. Location perfetta perchè da qui si vede il grosso gruppo di baobab. Di notte stellata da urlo e nessun rumore.
Dal tramonto in poi tenere le scarpe chiuse. E' una regola per tutti i posti ... ma qui abbiamo trovato uno scorpione, mediamente velenoso (Opistophthalmus fitzsimonsi). Siamo stati fortunati perchè questo tipo è molto raro, è stato avvistato solo in altri 5 posti tra Namibia e Botswana. Lo so perchè ho inviato la foto, per sapere il nome, all'African Snakebite Insitute. Hanno poi inserito la foto e le coordinate nel museo virtuale del FitzPatrick Institute di Cape Town. Quindi se andate qui, fate attenzione perchè potreste incontrare questo rarissimo esemplare
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Sylviane D
パリ, フランス5,162件の投稿
Splendides baobabs
2019年10月 • 友達
S'écarter de la route principale pour découvrir ces majestueux baobabs est indispensable.
C'est splendide et tellement surprenant.
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Andrew W
シュルーズベリー, イギリス230件の投稿
Great site, and very peaceful.
Baines Baobab is an extraordinary place with large Baobab trees sitting on the edge of an extensive salt pan. Camp sites are situated around the pan but are miles apart. Each site is clean, and has a long drop toilet and bucket shower, but take your own water.

We camped here for one night after staying on Ntwetwe pan and it was a great experience. We were only slightly phased by finding lion spore on the ground in front of the truck after we had set up camp. We expected to have a disturbed night but actually had a good night’s sleep in perfect peace.

The drive into Baines is currently (September 2019) rather challenging, the long road in has deep sand and once heading towards the pan we had an extended wait while some trucks ahead of us helped release another which was axle deep. It was necessary to drive for extended periods in low ratio so go with a full tank.

We had wanted to go to the waterhole to the north of the park, and in fact drove part of the way there. However we had to turn back as the sand was far too deep and soft to venture any further. We were in serious danger of being bogged down. As we were a lone vehicle, with little other traffic, we decided that the risk of an extended stop in 38 degrees was too much.

The camp area was great, remote from other sites, well swept and with a long drop toilet and shower. Of course, there is no water, but we carried our own.

We enjoyed our stay at Baines, would we go back. Indeed yes, but probably at a different time of year.
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Elise N
Campsite is fantastisch!
2019年9月 • カップル・夫婦
Het park waarin de Baines Baobabs gelegen zijn, vond ik niet zo bijzonder, maar het plekje zelf heeft iets bijna magisch. Zeker als je daar ook overnacht! Campsite B01 is de meest bijzondere site omdat je uitkijkt op de Baines Baobabs. Maar ook de andere 2 sites liggen prachtig. Voorzieningen zijn beperkt, maar keurig verzorgd en schoon. Het kost ook best wel wat om hier te overnachten, maar het is het waard. Mooiste en meest bijzondere overnachtingsplek tijdens onze reis door Namibië en Botswana. Naast baobabs en aan de zoutvlakte gelegen. Prachtige sterrenhemel. De dame bij de ingang van het park was ook heel vriendelijk. Dit hebben we helaas vaak anders gezien tijdens onze reis. Top ervaring!
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フェテルヌ, フランス6件の投稿
Séjour de rêve au Botswana.Nous. Avons séjourné dans 3 camp Kwando un staf à notre écoute, des guides et trackers adorables, qui font tout pour nous montrer le maximum d animaux. Mon mari ne parlant pas anglais ils font leur maximum pour qu il ne se sente pas à l écart. Je pense pas qu on puisse trouver mieux.
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ヨハネスブルグ, 南アフリカ349件の投稿
Great experience
This is a very quiet area with limited animal activity but the camping experience is wonderful. It is absolutely silent on the pan at night and the stars at night, the dawns and the sunsets are beautiful. It takes a while to get to the Baines Baobabs on the very sandy road from the gate so recommend a two night stay to really soak up the atmosphere. Our teens thought this was one of the top highlights of our trip through Botswana.
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Jeroen H
ヘームステーデ, オランダ33件の投稿
Visit to the trees and driving around on the pans
2019年8月 • ファミリー
Just visited the lower part of Nxai to visit the trees. Very worthwhile drive across sandy roads and plains. Recommended stop between maun and gweta.
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Cliffside Park, New Jersey, USA54件の投稿
Baines BaoBab – surreal landscape
Kwando Camp drove me here – we started late morning and got here mid-day. The road was sandy but you don’t get dusty because there is very little traffic. Carry a jacket and cap if you do the trip in July. I didn’t see any animals on the drive to or from the trees but saw a lot of birds – Kori Bustard, Red Crested Korhaan, Northern Black Korhaan, Double Banded Courser, Bateleur, etc. Got there mid-day which was not the best time for photographs. I was anyway overwhelmed by the trees and could not find creative angles. If you are a shutter-bug, I suggest looking at some photographs beforehand so that you can capture the magical nature of the landscape like a pro. Look into the distance across the salt pan to see a mirage of water. Across this grove on the other side on the pan is a picnic spot under a solitary Baobab and rest rooms are available.
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