Bridal Veil Falls State Park
Bridal Veil Falls State Park

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ロサンゼルス, カリフォルニア3,528件の投稿
This waterfall is ideal for a quick stop as the waterfall is very close to the parking lot. The waterfall is not as big as multnomah, but it still drapes beautifully.
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セント ピーターズバーグ, フロリダ州155件の投稿
2023年7月 • カップル・夫婦
Highly recommend stopping here along the historic Columbia River waterfall trail. It is easy to drive to, easy to hike to - not very far or challenging, the view is beautiful as well. They'll definitely be people here, but it's not too too crowded. If you're feeling daredevil-ish there's a way to climb up next to the waterfall - a 10 year old boy showed my fiance the way lol.
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Bridal Veil Falls, a breathtaking beauty in the bosom of nature's bounty, bedazzles with its blissful cascade of shimmering silver strands. The falls flawlessly flow down the mossy mountainside, creating a captivating curtain of crystal-clear water. Delicate droplets dance and dazzle, as if nature's own diamonds, while the ethereal mist gently kisses the face of those fortunate enough to witness this spectacle. The verdant vegetation surrounding the falls adds to the picturesque panorama, painting a portrait of pure paradise. Bridal Veil Falls is a mesmerizing masterpiece, a wondrous waterfall where one can wade into a world of wonder, whimsy, and wistful contemplation.
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Bill K
マンタービル, ミネソタ州6,378件の投稿
This was a very easy hike with a gorgeous view of the falls at the end. This was definitely worth the time spent getting out to the falls.
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コロンバス, オハイオ州2,710件の投稿
2022年5月 • カップル・夫婦
This is a really nice spot. You need to make a short hike (about 1/3 of a mile to get to a good viewing spot. It is a moderate hike as there is a fair bit of up and down to get there. I'm in my mid-60s and was able to do it. It's a double falls--there's a ledge in the middle that breaks it up. We were there on a wet, sometimes rainy day and had to be careful as there were some slippery spots. This is one of the spots that one should stop at on the Columbia River Gorge Highway.
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モントゴメリー, イギリス881件の投稿
We drove up to the Bridal Veil car park - quite small, so could be tricky in high season, but well served with toilets and a picnic area - and took the trail to the falls. The online guide we found said that there was a charge for the car park, but despite a thorough search, we couldn't find any payment stations, so perhaps this is a high season charge?

It was a relatively short walk, the board advised it was 2 -3 mile round trip, but we didn't feel it was anything near that. The path starts off paved but soon turn into quite rough ground underfoot, with pebbles and stones and, of course, you are either ascending or descending, so care needs to be taken, especially if you are less mobile.

That said, we passed a family with an elderly family member, who was managing it, slowly, with the aid of walking poles.

A walk down, across a bridge and then up steps to the viewing platform. The platform is ideally placed for the best view of the falls and photographs. The waterfall comes from a great height, cascading over rocks. I am sure there is a whole raft of geographical language relating to waterfalls, but if I describe it as a double decker, you should get the picture.

My other half commented that he felt a little short changed as we hadn't really had to exert ourselves at all in order to access the falls. Whilst he saw that as a negative, for some it will be a real boon.

Well worth the short walk.
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アーバナ, イリノイ州541件の投稿
The nice thing about this place is that you can see the falls without having a timed use permit. It's a fairly strenuous hike, down into the gorge, crossing the stream, and back up the other side to view the falls...then reverse to get back to your car. Wear good hiking shoes - the paved trail only goes a short way.
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ダルース, ミネソタ州1,470件の投稿
We went in the spring and had no rangers in site, but it looks like you need a permit now that you can only get online so plan ahead since there is limited if any service to do anything online. That aside we walked a portion of the look because it was so crowded and there are a lot of other places you can go that have a lot fewer people. The portion we saw on our hike were beautiful and there were wildflowers and birds everywhere. Some of the vistas were stunning across the water, the highway right under the trails was a little loud and detracted some from the views. The walk itself is easy enough, and the trail is paved, but if it's hot out be sure to bring water.
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コローニア, ニュージャージー州854件の投稿
Short walk to really nice falls. Very strong, This is no trickle. The platform is really close, so you get an up close view.
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We arrived only to find out that suddenly this year you need a permit. How are we supposed to know that coming from Canada? The Falls is on a public highway and we have visited a few times before through the years. We never imagined it could be permitted. Ok we can understand perhaps they need to limit numbers. But we arrived and there are numerous park rangers blocking the road to tell us the permit cost $2 - ok that's cheap - but we can only get it on line but we have no data so we cannot get one. There should ALWAYS be an alternative way for people to obtain services. Of course this is Oregon. We still remember a sign on the highway in Oregon which said Thank you for visiting but please don't stay - and I guess that is still their attitude to tourists
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