Mennonite Information Center

Mennonite Information Center (ランカスター)

Mennonite Information Center
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Brian M
ハリウッド, メリーランド州119件の投稿
Wonderful information on the local Mennonite and Amish. Even though we have been to the area many times we still learned about aspects of their culture we were unaware of. We also visited the Biblical Tabernacle Reproduction while there. Excellent reproduction and worth the cost to see the Bible come to life.
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Nani R
フィラデルフィア, ペンシルバニア州119件の投稿
I have read on this before, but never had the time to visit. They have a replica of the Tabernacle. It really nice, made very well and lovely. you have a guide, but the don't talk. Its a recording you hear. Its about 40min or so.
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Jane D.
ランカスター, ペンシルバニア州32件の投稿
The Mennonite Information Center is a great place to learn about the Mennonite and Amish community. In past years I have taken classes to learn the Amish language, which is a fusion language and a fraktur class. We also went on one of their local bus tours. We always enjoy their Christmas sale where local artists sell their handcrafted German art.
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エッグ ハーバー タウンシップ, ニュージャージー州34件の投稿
2019年11月 • カップル・夫婦
The info center is a mix of excellent parts. The staff either knows or can find any info you need to have a great visit. The gift shop is like a gallery of beautiful craftsmanship and art from around the world. Don't miss the spectacular views in the movie on the lower level. Despite having visited Lancaster county my whole life, here is where I learned the differences between Amish and Mennonite. Yes, there's an elevator.
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Pamela N
This is no ta Disneyland or even Amish Farm and House, both of which do have a place for tourists; however, this is a more scholarly venue particularly valuable for those whose ancestors first settled in the Lancaster County area, those millions of descendants who are interested in understanding the whys and wherefores of their original Anabaptist emigrants. The gift shop is for customers who appreciate genealogical sources and artisan creations. Tacky, touristy souvenirs are not found here.
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Melissa T
アーウィン, テネシー州35件の投稿
Our church group of 53 visited the Tabernacle replica and was very impressed not only with the replica but the guide who told in great detail what each thing represented in the tabernacle. Very informative and a great place to take your church group or family!
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Vancouver, WA44件の投稿
We had a fun and authentic experience with our guide Melba who directed us on a private countryside tour that cost $60 for two hours. We made tour reservations by phone, got to the Center early, watched a free and short film about the Amish and Mennonites and chose what we would be interested in for a tour in the farmland (see posted photo for the options). Melba, a writer and historian who grew up in the area, first as Amish and then as Mennonite, guided us through the backroads from the back seat of our car. As a local, she knew all in the community, let us climb in the buggy of a local farmer and showed us where she grew up. It was the highlight of our visit to Lancaster County!
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Janet J
セントポール, ミネソタ州48件の投稿
2019年9月 • カップル・夫婦
We stopped in the information center and learned about a tour. A Mennonite woman( former teacher), Sue became our guide in our car. We spent 3 hours with her and learned so much about the Amish and Mennonites. Since it was just us we could request what we wanted to see based on our interests. I wanted to buy apple butter and she told us to “hold off” for a specific farm stop. We were able to ask so many questions. It was an educational but also delightful time with Sue. Highly recommend!!
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Raleigh, NC155件の投稿
The Amish Country is a wonderful place to tour and show teenagers (ages 10 ,12, 14, 15, 16) how people live w/o being tied to cellphones, video games, power lawn mowers, electricity, etc., etc. The key we learned is the Amish want to be self sufficient in all situations. We knew that driving around would show the kids beautiful countrysides, buggies, Amish scooters, etc., but the kids had many questions when we were planning the trip. Therefore we arranged a 2 - 3 hour tour through the Mennonite Information Center. We made the reservation in advance.
Our guide, Dave grew up in the area and could answer any question he was asked. He was very good with the kids' questions and enjoyable.

My suggestions:
1. Make a reservation in advance and let them know children are in your group and you would like a guide who is good with kids.
2. Have an idea about what you would like to see or not see (in our case we didn't want to spend time in shops).
3. Prime the kids to ask any questions on their minds.....tell them not to be bashful.

Have fun!
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Angela C
ヒューストン, テキサス州136件の投稿
2019年9月 • 友達
This place packed all the captioned highlights in one. Amish and Mennonite history film was free, tabernacle $9/person is good for those wanting a visual of the Biblical recreation. Onsite Ten Thousand Villages gift shop and bookstore to round out the visit. Send the non-mass market shoppers from the Tanger Outlet next door over here for some good learning and bring back one of a kind artisan craft gifts.
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