Timber Power Yoga

Timber Power Yoga (ウィリアムスポート)

Timber Power Yoga
1-2 時間
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ハンティングタウン, メリーランド州14件の投稿
2017年7月 • 一人
I was staying at the Hampton inn, near Timber Power Yoga, and went to the 6AM class with Jacqueline. Class was a mix of men and women with a broad age spread, and at 70, I was clearly to oldest. Jacqueline's instructions and modifications could accommodate all of us. I enjoyed myself and felt terrific afterwards. Heck, it's right behind the Starbucks, so afterwards I could wakeup my wife with her favorite brew.
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Katie D
2016年8月 • 一人
Timber is a true oasis from everyday life! I am so thankful for this studio for teaching me the importance of perspective, attitude, and being geniune with one's self. The tools I've gained through my practice have allowed me to handle and navigate my stress & anxiety. If you have never tried yoga, have no fear - Sarah and her wonderful squad of instructors will cater to you with calming voices and big smiles. Although my time in Williamsport was short-lived, I have gained lifelong lessons through yoga - thank you Timber!
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ウィリアムスポート, ペンシルバニア州38件の投稿
2016年7月 • 一人
This is the best place around for hot yoga. You will definitely get a work out. The instructors are knowledgeable and make are always available for help.
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Leslie H
2016年2月 • 一人
I am so glad I found Timber Power Yoga! It is my happy place and i love all the instructors and the different styles of yoga they offer, from basic to hot Vinyasa. It is a beautiful, friendly place to go and find yourself.....NAMASTE
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Brenda P
ロックヘブン, ペンシルバニア州1件の投稿
2015年9月 • 友達
I have taken yoga classes for many years at gyms but this place is an actual yoga studio. Super friendly instructors, very informative and they make it easy to learn all the moves (best yoga workout I have ever experienced). Also, I've never left there and felt like I injured any part of my body. I would highly recommend their classes to anyone.
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Molly M
ジャージー・ショア, ペンシルバニア州3件の投稿
2015年9月 • 友達
I've been practicing yoga for about 18 years but my recent attendance at Timber Power Yoga's event was my first official yoga class. Being new to the experience, I was unsure of what to expect. I was relieved to find a friendly studio with a cozy atmosphere. The instructor was clear, smart, and helpful. She gave excellent instructions and timely corrections with a dash of humor to keep things from getting too heavy.

The event I attended was called "Hatha and Hops," a yoga and beer tasting combo that they said would be repeated again, which sounds like great news to me! The food and drinks were excellent. If you're looking for an easy-going into to class participation, this is a perfect option!

I had a terrific time and will definately be returning!
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ウィリアムスポート, ペンシルバニア州1件の投稿
2015年9月 • 一人
I love timber power! The location is super convenient, easy parking, no meters. All of the instructors are great, the studio is clean, the atmosphere is relaxed and the yoga is intense! They do provide mats, towels, blocks and straps if you need them. Perfection!
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Billtown B
2015年9月 • 一人
Timber Power Yoga is quality yoga in an actual studio devoted to primarily yoga. The teachers are personable without being overbearing. They are also always very helpful to those that need an adjustment or help modifying. They are dedicating to continuing their teaching practice making the studio top notch in the area.
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Douglas W
ナンティコーク, ペンシルバニア州227件の投稿
2015年8月 • 一人
I recently visited Williamsport for an overnight business trip. I checked out some things to do after work and found this yoga studio online. I took a chance and signed up for a class on the evening I was in town and could not have been happier. This yoga studio is awesome. From the minute I walked in the door I felt welcome and the teacher got me signed up, signed in, and ready for class in just a few minutes. The class was very reasonably priced (especially for a drop in class). The flow of class was smooth and refreshing. The teacher offered subtle reminders and corrections to postures when needed. The night I attended, the teacher had just returned from a yoga retreat so she had so many fantastic tips and stories to share throughout class. I would highly recommend this studio when you are in town if you are looking for an awesome place with good energy, great classes, and great people.
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