Zion Cemetery and Baynard Mausoleum

Zion Cemetery and Baynard Mausoleum (ヒルトン ヘッド)

Zion Cemetery and Baynard Mausoleum


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マートル ビーチ, サウスカロライナ州83件の投稿
Very small cemetery but so much history! Enjoyed just walking around and reading the plaques to learn about the people buried there. Glad to see this piece of history being cared for. Would like to see the some of the stones cleaned up a little so they are easier to read.
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Charles F
シーダータウン, ジョージア96件の投稿
Family went to cemetery on a very wet day and host and hostess braved the weather to tell the story of Hilton Head and the Baynard family in a very interesting fashion. I'm sure it would be even more enjoyable on a nice, dry day, but still was very interesting.
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Beautiful cemetery. Small. Some of the stones are illegible but still really neat none the less. (Take bug spray with you)
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マディソン, アラバマ州11件の投稿
I went to the website heritagelib.org to sign up for this tour and one on the historic Fort Mitchel. Dee was our tour guide and she knows so much about Hilton Head's history. She and the characters in costumes are very friendly and engaging. So glad I found out about these tours. It enriches a vacation to learn about its past.
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Katherine P
ボストン, マサチューセッツ州49件の投稿
You MUST MUST go on the tour that they offer here on Tuesdays. It is put on the Hilton Head Heritage Library, a nonprofit organization, heritagelib.org. I'm surprised that Trip Advisor doesn't have a separate listing for this.

We just went this morning. It was me, my 88-year old mother, and my husband who is handicapped and drives a scooter. It was hosted by Richard, who is on the library board, who gave an overview and history of Hilton Head, and then we got to meet two inhabitants of the cemetery in full costume, Saucy John, a privateer, landowner, and a revolutionary war hero, and Lydia Davant, who also was married to a revolutionary war hero.

The stories that they told of the times were really interesting (some shocking!) and they stayed in character and costume.

Everybody loved it.

My husband had no problem with his scooter, but if you went on a muddy day, it could be difficult. There are benches to sit on, but there is some standing while the characters speak around the gravestones. If you have someone who has difficulty standing, then I recommend bringing a folding chair of some sort. There really isn't much walking because it is small.

If you put it in google maps, you will probably have to backtrack because there is only one direction that you can approach to get into the cemetery. If you come from the correct direction, you may miss it. If you come from the wrong direction, you can't get there from that direction. But just go past it, turn around, and approach from the correct street. You will figure out what to do once you pass it.

I can't recommend the tour more highly.

Hilton Head is lucky to have such a library and the people who support it.

Full disclosure, I'm going to talk to our local library in Marblehead, MA. We should be doing something like this!

I uploaded a pic of my mom, husband on his scooter, Saucy John, and Richard, who was from the library and hosted the event.

When we went, it was $15 per person and $10 for kids. If your kids are into history, I think they may find it fascinating. But do the tour!

They are working on restoring it even more. Hurricanes and other events have taken a toll over the years. You'll hear all about it.
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ヒルトン ヘッド, サウスカロライナ州118件の投稿
Well worth doing one of the historical tours. Learn comething about this islands history. Going back hundreds of years.
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I first discovered this place in 2013 after reading a book on the history of Hilton Head Island titled "The Sands Of History". It has unique atmosphere and quickly connects interested visitors with the history of pioneer generations on the Island.
This stop may not be for everybody and some may regard it as "just a cemetery". Baynard mausoleum built in 1846 is still standing and marks the location of the local Chapel of Ease.The ruins of the Baynard plantation can be visited in Sea Pines.
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Alina Pishock
カミング, ジョージア11件の投稿
2020年7月 • ファミリー
It was an amazing trip to a beautiful cemetery. Unfortunately, they only do guided tours on Tuesday mornings, so we didn’t get the whole experience, but they leave the gates unlocked for those who want to explore on their own. Quiet, solemn place with gravestones dating before 1750. A perfect visit for the fourth of July, which we did- only wish we could’ve done the guided tour.
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カミング, ジョージア314件の投稿
2020年7月 • ファミリー
Very small and folks need to hit this and keep history alive. So glad we made it. Park nearby and then walk to it. Small gate go into and then you can walk the lands. Very cool old grave stones and reminded me of Ireland. Some real old head stones and great history lesson. Get there!
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Emiah S
ノックスヴィル, テネシー州6件の投稿
2020年5月 • ファミリー
Pretty cool place! Lots of history. Each of the tombstones told the unique history of the residents buried there. It’s small but definitely a place to stop and check out.
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