Santee State Park
Santee State Park
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Sandy M
Santee State Park is our go to camp ground we travel all over but love Santee it’s only 45 minutes from home and we love the lake! The problem I have is I spend alot of money just myself camping there year round and I’m only one family imagine what they take in year round! There is no reason the roads should be in the terrible terrible shape they are in! If you camp Lakeside camping area you will know exactly what I’m talking about! We stayed two weeks in July they were terrible just left today and they are three times worse! Just no reason! They have a dump truck load of rock at the tent only sites and I know they have equipment to use to fix these roads! It’s sad because this could be such a great park but it’s going down hill fast sad but true! I have called every person I know to call and nothing is getting done! Very troubling that nobody cares about making this park better my word it’s a State Park isn’t it’s suppose to represent!! Well a very poor job they are doing!!
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Kathy B
ラノーカ・ハーバー, ニュージャージー州7件の投稿
This State Park is well maintained and has camp sites with full hook-ups. It's located on Lake Marion, which offers lake recreation, fishing, boating & abundant wildlife.
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Greg F
ヘンダーソンヴィル, ノースカロライナ州88件の投稿
We spent 3 hours hiking the trails and wished we had more time. The welcome center is really neat as well. The views are worth the effort.
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Donna P
We stayed in one of the pet friendly cabins and were very disappointed, especially for the price of the cabin.

The location on the lake was nice and made for some nice outside time. The grounds were well kept.

The cabin had nice enough furniture (beds were hard) but the dirty, stained carpets in the bedrooms were unpleasant. The lighting was abysmal, the refrigerator had a broken bin, and the bathtub had many ugly stains. The BEST part was that some sort of animal was living in the walls or crawlspace and made its presence known frequently.

If you’re a boater or fisherman this might be a good spot for you. But there are limited hiking trails , and they end in swamps.

We drove through the campgrounds. They seemed nice enough.
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John P
ノース・ポート, フロリダ州68件の投稿
We staying in the cabins on the pier for two nights. What a wonderful experience. Wish we could have stayed longer.
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Roy C
ウィスパーリング・パインズ, ノースカロライナ州792件の投稿
Though I was there for a very short time to try to photograph birds, this is a beautiful park. There are very nice looking cabins, those over the water being available only to people who do not have pets. Those "ashore" allow pets. I did not, of course, get inside a cabin, so I cannot speak to their amenities, but the Web site does say they have WiFi. There are several camper and tent areas from what I saw. Again, I was only there for a short time to photograph birds while my wife attended church a few miles from the park, but I was impressed. The lady in the visitor center was extremely friendly.

Day-use cost for out-of-state residents is $3.00 a person. There are walking trails, of course, and access to the lake. If going for the day or to camp, be certain to check out their informative Web site first.
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Linette J
We rented a pier cabin. Very comfortable and well appointed. The pier is for cabin renters only, so it's quiet. One night we had the entire pier to ourselves. The cabin has everything you need, linens and towels provided. Only thing is no nonstick pan and the hvac blower is quite loud, so if you are in the bedroom with the hvac access closet, it can be pretty noisy.

The park is nice and there are lots of fishing, boating, and wildlife viewing in the park and in nearby areas. There is camping, boat, kayak rentels. There is a nice little store with necessities, shirts and some food. The staff is courteous and helpful.

We really enjoyed our time here. Saw alligators, eagles, all kinds of birds.
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Beautiful park. We’ve been camping there since the sixties (before campsites were provided) and have always enjoyed our stays there. It is time to upgrade the camp sites on the east/south side of the park. No longer camping, we now seek cabin rentals is SC state parks. We rented cabin #17 this past Nov and found it very comfortable except the bathroom. The bathroom (tub;shower) fixtures were coming off the wall as well as the shower enclosure itself. Beyond repair - needs renovation.
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マートル ビーチ, サウスカロライナ州413件の投稿
wonderful location, amazing views, and the best fishing around. The views are just amazing. I would recommend this area for any sportsman or outdoorsman
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オーランド, フロリダ州827件の投稿
We stopped for one night (Site 45) at Santee State Park as we made our way towards the Northeast. It's a very nice, clean and quiet state park. Has a large and pretty lake where folks can boat, fish, canoe, etc. It's a good stop off point if you are in the area while traveling.
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