Harmony Lane Farm & Creamery

Harmony Lane Farm & Creamery (スミスヴィル)

Harmony Lane Farm & Creamery
8:00 - 17:00
8:00 - 17:00
8:00 - 17:00
8:00 - 17:00
8:00 - 17:00
8:00 - 17:00
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Baby goats, llamas and pigs. OH MY!
Gorgeous property. We visited on our kids Fall Break. We loved it. The place is very clean. You can tell the animals are loved and taken care of. The cheese is amazing.
I wish the gift shop was bigger. Would have been to have more choices to purchase.
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Randy K
ミルフォード, オハイオ州28件の投稿
Wonderful opportunity to interact with animals!
2021年6月 • ファミリー
Owner "Miss Julie" has designed and operates a beautiful farm, petting zoo, dairy (goat milk, cheese, ice cream, fudge, caramel), soaps, etc.

Children are able to pet and cuddle baby goats. There are older goats, donkeys, emus, parrots, macaws, etc.

It's is very safe and lots of fun! Visit the gift store and say "Hi" to "Miss Julie!"
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Concord, NC206件の投稿
Cute goat farm. Lots of samples in the gift shop, the lady working was very knowledgeable. We LOVE all the cheese, fudge, soap & lotion we came home with! We also learned a lot. The property is beautiful.
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Mike R
マウント・ジュリエット, テネシー州41件の投稿
Very charming and informative
This is a very charming small farm/ranch with an informative little tour. The price is a bit high for what the experience includes, but the people are very friendly and the place is very clean and well maintained.

The place might do well to offer a larger gift shop. We probably would have spent more time considering additional things to purchase, but we felt a bit cramped as soon as more people came in, so we wrapped it up quick and left.

otherwise, a very nice experience.
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John B
ハリソン, テネシー州2件の投稿
Good wine and Good Cheese
Al, the young lady at the Creamery was so nice. She was working in the back in the Creamery, and stopped just to help us. She told us she was new, but she told us all about the goat cheese. She knows a lot, to be so new. She is what local business is all about, helping you understand what you are getting and who it is making it. We just got done with dinner, Harmony Lane cheese, wine, and fruit, so good, thank you Al. We will be back.
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Erin S
ビッグ・ベンド国立公園, テキサス州1件の投稿
Such a fun place with tasty treats!!
2021年3月 • ファミリー
My family and I did the farm tour while we are visiting the area for Spring Break, and it was so fun!! So interesting, the animals are so cute and we learned so much. We got to cuddle the baby goats, brush llamas and more. These people really care about their animals and it was phenomenal to see. After the tour we were able to sample the cheeses, fudge and other products and we all loved every single thing we tried (including the pickiest eaters in our family). We are from Illinois and we were able to buy a cooler bag for our massive amounts of cheese, ice cream, fudge, caramels and soap that we bought. Cannot recommend this place enough if you are in the area. We are so sad we live so far and won’t be able to come back as soon as we hope to, but will have to plan another trip here in the future!
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Carl E
メンフィス, テネシー州641件の投稿
Fun place to visit
2021年2月 • ファミリー
We drove down to the farm from Nashville and while it is a good drive it is worth it. This is a working goat farm and they are producing cheese, soap, fudge and ice cream. You can cuddle with baby goats in a nice clean room that has cushioned benches to set down and stay a while. They have found that by handling the baby goats it makes it easier to milk them later. So you are actually helping them with the goats. You can also feed the bigger goats, some llamas and emus. But we really enjoyed the store where the owner set us up with samples of her cheeses, fudge, ice cream and Carmel. It was all really good and got us to purchase a lot of it. She also explained the benefits of using goat milk vs cow milk the reason she started the farm. You should call and make a reservation. It is not a big place so it can get crowded on the weekends. You only need an hour or two for the visit depending how much time you want to spend with the animals plus the time to get there and back.
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Timothy M
ナッシュビル, テネシー州15件の投稿
Goat cuddling!!!!
Found this place totally by accident. This is a fun family activity. Goat cuddling is very therapeutic. The staff is friendly and engaging. It was a great value. You will not regret your time here!
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Shannon B
Goat Milk Soaps
2020年12月 • 一人
I love Harmony Lane Farm and Creamery! Love using their goat milk soaps. They are all natural and organic. And they smell amazing. They have the best customer service as well. So easy to work with and they ensure the customer is 100% satisfied.
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Working farm. Loads of fun. Nice staff - Neat experience.
Glad we stopped in. Very friendly staff and owner. This is a working farm and yes they offer tours, cuddle time with a goat and a animal petting area for a small fee. Loads of fun.

Small farm store with samples. We were surpised by the taste of their products made with goat milk, Delicious. Nice selection of artisan cheeses, meats, ice cream and fudge. They also offer handmade soaps, tee's, hat's and other goodies you might just have to have.

Enjoyed our visit. We will return and next time we will take the "full farm tour." We will make our tour reservation online via your website as you suggested. Thank you for working us in for "Cuddle Time" what an great time. We really enjoyed all the interaction with your animals an staff.
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