Casa de Los Tres Mundos
Casa de Los Tres Mundos

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ゲント, ベルギー1,768件の投稿
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We betaalden de toegangsprijs. de mozaiek is niet erg de moeite, voor de rest is er bijna niets open. Gelukkig was een kamer geopend waar 4 schilders hun werk tentoon stellen
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Lonnelda M
Trinity, United States67件の投稿
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2018年7月 • 一人
This is a not for profit organization that does so much for local culture and the community. They are truly a cultural center. They have music lessons, a choir, dance, art lessons and print shop and a radio station. Most of their programs are free and most of their performances are free or for very little money. They truly serve the community and have a reach out program to some of the poorest neighborhoods in the city to bring the arts to those who do not live close enough to come to come to them. They are also situation in a beautiful building just off the central square in Granada so very easy to get to. I recommend you stop in a few a minutes to view the building, or better still, attend on their wonderful events.
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ノックスヴィル, テネシー州1,511件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2018年3月 • ビジネス
The Casa tres Mundos, or House of Three Worlds, is a cultural center whose website states is "an institution created to initiate, support, and promote cultural projects in Nicaragua and Central America." It emphasizes support for the poorer segments of society through rural development projects. Artists were on site during our visit, including print makers, painters, and carvers. It is located in a gorgeous old mansion with an open center courtyard. Highly recommended!
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オーランド, フロリダ州66件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2018年2月 • カップル・夫婦
We were led here by street art pasted around the city. There is some really great art here and we bought some right from the artists. The whole space is lovely with artist working in the inner courtyard. They also do films and other art events.. Great place!
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julio h
グアテマラシティ, グアテマラ共和国88件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2018年1月 • ファミリー
Es un centro cultural y artístico que desarrolla y apoya diferentes programas como cursos, exposiciones , exhibiciones , charlas y otras cosas mas . Las instalaciones son muy lindas y definitivamente merecen una visita .
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Nicholas K
グラナダ, ニカラグア16件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2017年11月 • カップル・夫婦
As parents, we are always trying to engage our children in art and culture. We hope to spark curiosity, creativity and passion for everything from the most mundane to the most elaborate. Moving to Granada, we had no idea this would be 2 blocks away from our home. Our experiences have ranged from art exhibits, musical performances, holiday family celebrations, modern dance as well as interactive performance art. Another amazing aspect--most of these events are free-the one we paid for was very low cost. We have certainly attended more art performances since we moved here 6 months ago that we did-in likely 2 years in the US.
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Corinne D
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2017年12月 • 一人
I took a painting class here with Jamir. We spent about 3-4 hours working on an idea that I had for a painting. He was very professional and helpful in providing the materials and teaching me some new skills. The painting came out much better than I had even imagined! The other guys working here are amazing artists and really cool people. It's also interesting just to walk around the space and see their art-- what a great space.
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Annabelle N
ベルリン, ドイツ38件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2017年12月 • 友達
Sehr informativ und spannend. Toll, dass man Einblick in die offenen Werkstätten der Künstler erhält. Schöner Ort, um der Hitze kurz zu entfliehen und sich im schattigen Innenhof abzukühlen oder sich in den Werkstätten inspirieren zu lassen. Für Kunstinteressierte auch ein guter Ort, um kleine Gemälde, Drucke und Schnitzereien zu erwerben.
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Ana A
グラナダ, スペイン36件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
2017年12月 • カップル・夫婦
Si tienes suerte, coincidirá con algun evento cultural. Es el único sitio en granada. Bailes, pinturas, cine...
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Emily M
ブライアン, テキサス州22件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2017年11月 • カップル・夫婦
This is a great way to take in the local arts and artists of Nicaragua. We came on a Saturday so I don't think a lot was going on, but we were able to peruse around and see different schools of art including theater and print making. They have a lot of art hanging from Nicaraguan artists that's for sale for really good prices. However, if you're just looking to buy, most of the workshops have store fronts around the block, so you can just visit them from the streets instead.
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