London Motorcycle Museum

London Motorcycle Museum (グリーンフォード)

London Motorcycle Museum
10:00 - 16:30
10:00 - 16:30
10:00 - 16:30


ビーコンズフィールド, イギリス9件の投稿
Sadly now closed
2019年10月 • 一人
Great place, I was meaning to visit for ages.
Sadly I made my visit shortly before it closed.
I wish I had been before, as it was so good.
It seems it was forced to close due to a huge hike in rent.
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ポメロル, フランス206件の投稿
Musée très très sympa à faire même avec un Ado
2019年8月 • ファミリー
Superbement & très agréablement surpris par cette visite, nous y avons finalement passé presque 2 heures. Nous avons eu l’immense chance de tomber sur l’un des initiateurs de ce Musée. Un VRAI passionné de la MOTO. Il nous a commenté la visite de bout en bout et nous a même fait visiter les coulisses du Musée (ateliers). Découverte fantastique du monde et de l’histoire de la Moto. A recommander sans modération.
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コルチェスター, イギリス21件の投稿
A unique piece of British heritage
2019年7月 • 友達
Travelled 150miles to see this unique and priceless collection of British Motorcycle history. The museum is family run and under threat of closure, so we went to show our support. We were given a detailed back story to many of the exhibits by members of the family who have invested their lives to preserving a wide range of rare bikes, including prototypes, pre-WW2 and end of production models, for the benefit of future generations. I urge anyone with an interest in Britsh engineering, mechanics and motorbikes to visit as soon as possible to a: see the collection while it intact and b: extend the future of this wonderful collection which otherwise will inevitably be broken up and sold.
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Phillip R
ヒューストン, テキサス州102件の投稿
All things British in motorcycling
2019年5月 • カップル・夫婦
If you are into motorcycles and especially British bikes this is the place for you. This is not the posh type of museum. This is the type of place where true British bikers can meet up and appreciate all the Triumphs, BSAs and Enfields in the collection. I have to admit being an American I did not have a grasp of the historic value off all the British racing legends on display. I do love all things motorbikes though and you will too.
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Maureen B
バッキンガム, イギリス262件の投稿
"Friendly and interesting"
2019年4月 • カップル・夫婦
Went with my Husband and Brother-in-Law Monday,1st April greeted with great knowledgeable volunteers. We spent a couple of hours walking around the musuem. It deserves to be visited by more people to keep this musuem going. Parking. No cafe, can make coffee and there are biscuits and a place to sit. Lots of motorcycle magazines to read. Recommend a visit.
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Basri B
イスタンブール, トルコ12件の投稿
Şehirdeki tek klasik motosiklet müzesi
2018年6月 • 友達
İsminden de anlaşılacağı üzere Müze Londra’da. Metro alt yapısı ve otobüs ile ulaşım mümkün. Peki bu müzeye gitmeye değer mi? Değer, bakın neden.
Müzenin kurucusu olan Bill Crosby 1932 doğumlu. 2. Dünya savaşını yaşıyor. Savaşı takiben motosiklet dükkanı açıyor ve halen aynı adreste bulunuyor. İlk aldığı bayilikler Mobylette NSU ve Excelsior. Bu hali ile Bill yaşayan tarih.
Dünyda başka örneği olmayan V6 Triumph makinesi müzede!! Bill'in iki oğlundan biri size rehberlik edecek ve sorularınıza cevap verecektir.
Müze'den sonra hala çalışan motosiklet satışı ve servisi yapan dükkalarını da ziyaret edip sohbet edin. Web siteleri ve facebook sayfaları da var. 2 tekere ilginiz var ise mutlaka gezin derim.
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Tony H
ハロー, イギリス21件の投稿
Sunday Afternoon trip out
2018年11月 • 友達
Fantastic little local museum. We only live about 4 miles away and have often said we must check it out. We we did and we are already planning on a return visit when we can bring my father in laws brother, who likewise has never been, but he is a motorbike nut. So we will be spending a few hours here next time. This place is a fascinating local treasure worth checking out. And I'm not even a motorbike person.
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クラクトン=オン=シー, イギリス14件の投稿
London Motorcycle Museum
Excellent, well worth a visit for anyone into motor cycles, run by enthusiastic knowledgeable volunteers, good selection of British bikes on show.
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george m
best place for motorcycles
2018年3月 • 友達
i had buy my very first motorcycle from here. they have differnet variety of motorcycle with differetn models. this is what i liked abput them because you can buy a different product of your chpice from here
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ロンドン, イギリス77件の投稿
2018年4月 • 友達
5 start rating 2 brothers run the place and each motorbike to engineers details..they know all bike specify..and build..
The motorbikes are mouthwatering , all those British made bike gone.....! VINCENT, Norton, Herald, Royal Enfield....
Worth a visit..
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