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Kristin U
チャペルヒル, ノースカロライナ州21件の投稿
2023年6月 • 友達
Had the beach BBQ on a Friday night, only option available but didn’t disappoint. The grilled mahi was fantastic, in addition to loads of other sides. Come hungry and load your dish if you like buffets (think Joey from Friends in Las Vegas), as it’s 1 trip only to the line. No worries, the plates are huge. Super fun vibe at Foxys.
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Adrian T
2023年1月 • カップル・夫婦
From the UK and the Fourth time here since our honey moon in 2007. Excellent restoration since the tragic Hurricane. Great BBQ food and fun dancing. For the first time didn’t meet Foxy MBE but understandable. Such a shame to see Trump supporting flags flying in a British dependency! Why would anyone in their right minds politicize a successful place like this? If that doesn’t bother you I recommend this but let’s hope the flags are removed
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ウェールズ, イギリス1件の投稿
2022年12月 • ファミリー
Great atmosphere, good service and staff were very friendly, but unfortunately the food was poor, we were a group of 7. I had wings to start and they were very hard and dry (probably the worst wings I ever had). Bruschetta was just average. Other starters were soup, and salad they were good. 3 of us had fish and to be fair they said it was ok. Two of us had ribs and were very disappointed tough and dry under the source and two had Pasta which was just Ok. We were recommended this place and looking at the reviews, it’s seems you have had disappointing food reviews since 2022. I hope you improve the food and if so we will be back as your staff were great.
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Anna D
2022年12月 • 友達
Friends been going for years but this time the experience was very disappointing. Staff not friendly, drinks ok but a lot of problems with the dinner with mains turning up before the starters were finished and all extras (mash, veg) stone cold as well as the tuna fish of day. When raising issues met with blank stares and lack of willingness to provide options to resolve. Ribs however were very good. Steak and lobster vastly overpriced v other very good restaurants (ie Bitter End). They did give us the tuna meal free, but despite raising issues politely we were given bill without asking if we wanted anything else, ie dessert. We won’t be rushing back, shame after 13 years of going.
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San Diego, CA1,173件の投稿
2022年7月 • ファミリー
Overrated! Waited an hour and 40 mins for our food. Then, they came out to tell me they couldn’t make one of our dishes. It’s 9:42 PM and they want to know if my daughter now wants to order something else. We have had other tables turn over twice and they have had their food. Great vibe and nightlife but skip the food! Service is terrible.
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2022年5月 • カップル・夫婦
We reserved a mooring ball in January, which was waiting for us upon arrival. Had a drink at Foxys and visited gift shop.

The gift shop emptied the cash from my Apple Pay for three t-shirts! I had $213 left in cash. I couldn’t see the transaction at the time, but by the time I was gone so was $209. Not the Foxys I knew from 2012.
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ロックポート, マサチューセッツ州343件の投稿
2021年6月 • カップル・夫婦
Just plain fun! Met Foxy and so enjoyed all his stories! Met other couples who were also on vacation which just added to our visit in such a wonderful way.
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Doug R
トワンダ, イリノイ州60件の投稿
Foxy's is all that it is advertised as! We met many other cruisers and had great conversations around the beach bar. The gift shop was fully stocked and offered lots of souvenirs. We stayed for the evening music and party. Great fun and lots of good times!
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Vanessa F
ケント州, イギリス47件の投稿
This bar has a great location and is famous for its ambiance. I visited with friends and we had a wonderful morning/afternoon sampling as many of their cocktails as we could manage! However, it was the friendly and professional bar tender who made it special for us. I apologise that I cannot remember your name - probably because the cocktails were too good...
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ツー・リバーズ, ウィスコンシン州874件の投稿
We then hooked up to a ball and went ashore to visit Foxy's. Interesting place, with all sorts of pictures of the big crowds from before the plague. Today there were only 4 boats tied on the mooring balls. Due to our late lunch at Hendos, and nothing going on for entertainment at Foxy’s, we decided to have some leftovers on the boat,
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