Colorado Riverway Recreation Area
Colorado Riverway Recreation Area

Colorado Riverway Recreation Areaとその近隣エリアの人気アクティビティ


Tony K
モリーノ バレー, カリフォルニア738件の投稿
2023年10月 • カップル・夫婦
We drove down to Moab from I-70 just to drive Highway 128. It’s definitely a incredible drive along the Colorado River lined with really high red rock cliffs for miles & miles going north back to I-70. The canyon has many campgrounds along the Colorado River. It’s definitely a very scenic drive worth seeing !
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Marv R
ボールウィン, ミズーリ43件の投稿
We had visited the Arches NP on Sunday & were leaving town Monday morning when we noticed a walk bridge over the Colorado. We took a hike then decided to drive down the road by the river. It was a fantastic viewing experience.
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Hot Springs, Arkansas, United States4,852件の投稿
2023年5月 • 友達
Worth about a half-hour of your time! Quick walk to & across the Colorado River on a well-maintained multi-use trail. We brought an ice chest of water & snacks, & sat in the shade for a bit, just enjoying the lovely views.
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エイセンズ, アラバマ州7件の投稿
I love the drive along 129. I stayed 6 nights at Rustic Inn. It was a good place. Small, good pool, centrally located, clean and courteous. The drive to Castle Rock Valley along 129 was beautiful. That Loop back to Moab was great. I came into Moab from Cisco and through the river canyon on 129. Arches NP, Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands NP were well worth the trip. Potash Road was interesting particularly near sunset when all the rock climbers are out. You have to eat at the Sunset Grill and catch a sunset. Breakfast at the Moab Diner is very good. Lots of places to visit. Tom Till's gallery of photographs and many more shops.
I had a great time. I am planning to go back for 4 more days next year. I have to have my annual dose of red rock".
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マディソン, コネチカット州23件の投稿
beautiful drive in an intense red canyon along the river. Some parking was full. I would camp there if I were camping tho I think no services.
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New England709件の投稿
If you're heading east from Moab enjoy this route along the Colorado river. Gorgeous canyon cliffs and several pullouts to enjoy the scenery.
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タンパ, フロリダ州139件の投稿
If you have extra time, turn off Main St onto Highway 128 and take a drive down the raod that hugs the CO river. There are many places to pull off and take pics and the views are amazing. To be so close to the CO River was cool. It's a two lane road and lots of places to camp on the river. I turned around at the Big Bend area but the road keeps going.
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ヴァージニア ビーチ, バージニア州4,242件の投稿
We just left Arches National Park and heard of the Colorado Riverway area and wanted to check it out. This road traverses along the river and you get to see the sights and sounds of the Colorado and the pretty red mountains. Its a journey for all and should not be missed.
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セント ジョージ, ユタ州406件の投稿
Just north of Moab is a National Treasure. In a region blessed with many truly remarkable sites, the Colorado Riverways Recreation Area is unique. In my mind, at least, it is the single best place to decompress, to chill, to refresh. In an area known for its crowds, it is a place to find and enjoy tranquility in more ways than any other location offers.

There are actually two sections of the Area – that known as the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway (SR 128) and the Potash – Lower Colorado River Scenic Byway (SR 279).

The first, the Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway (SR 128) is a roadway that runs along the river for about 44 miles. If you are thinking of just driving along it, taking photos as you go, (highly recommended), I would suggest you plan on it taking about 2 hours.

The first 13 miles, while the road hugs the river, are described as “spectacular” and I fully agree. After that point, the valley widens and the road is more distant. At the beginning of the route, a large BLM campground at river’s edge offers well-spaced and attractive sites for both tents and RVs. Further down the road, is Grandstaff Canyon which offers a wonderful hiking trail to Morning Glory Natural Bridge.

The Potash – Lower Colorado River Scenic Byway (SR 279) is about 13 miles long and takes about 1 hour. It provides, again, great views of the Colorado River, but adds the opportunity to see ancient rock art and dinosaur tracks. An afternoon tour is recommended because the red-orange sandstone cliffs along the river are particularly beautiful in the late afternoon sunset.

From my perspective, the drives are a MUST DO and the rest my be chosen!

Obviously, we recommend the Colorado Riverways Recreation Area MOST HIGHLY!
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フレズノ, カリフォルニア65件の投稿
20 miles of driving, bike and walking trails along the Colorado River with jaw-dropping scenery. Don't miss the cool pedestrian bridge at the start of 128.
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