American Express 11 Tears Memorial
American Express 11 Tears Memorial
エリア: ダウンタウン・マンハッタン(ダウンタウン)
  • Chambers St• 徒歩6分
  • Cortlandt St• 徒歩6分


Debbie G
ヘメット, カリフォルニア9件の投稿
2020年2月 • 友達
What a tribute to the 11 American Express employees that lost their lives on 9/11. A beautiful work of art.
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Two things at the top of my NYC visit to do list: visit the American Express 11 Tears Memorial and the 911 Memorial. We did the museum first and then went to the Eleven Tears Memorial. It was a perfect way to let the impact of the museum soak in and heal with the elements around the 11 Tears. The crystal is stunning as is the black granite pool."Tears" fall from the ceiling in a random pattern. They ripple across the names of the American Express employees who were killed. Each name has descriptive comments from loved ones. It did not disappoint. Thank you American Express, Ken Smith and Lawrence Stoller.
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バーミンガム, イギリス88件の投稿
2018年12月 • カップル・夫婦
We would never have known this was here if it wasn't for Randy, the tour guide for Wall St Walking Tours. What a beautiful memorial for the employees of American Express who died in the world trade center attacks. The pool has the names of the 11 individuals around it with personal words from family / friends to describe each person. Each section has a drip water dripping into the pool, creating a ripple effect, just like a tear drop. It is centered with a huge clear quartz crystal, just beautiful. It is set in a very quiet part of the mall and according to Randy, not many people know it is there, which is a shame. It was lovely to read the messages and pay our respects.
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ブエノス アイレス, アルゼンチン4,961件の投稿
2017年7月 • 友達
Es una fuente que recuerda a los empleados de American Express, víctimas en el atentado del 11 de septiembre. Es muy tranquila y pacífica, es una especie de pileta en donde van cayendo "Lágrimas". Está en el centro comercial Brooksfield Place. Vale la pena, si estan por la zona, buscarlo. Muy lindo.
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ニース, フランス35,706件の投稿
2017年5月 • カップル・夫婦
L'American Express 11 Tears Mémorial est un endroit très émouvant juste en face du WorldTour Trade Center Museum !
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Aurora-Olivian H
ティニー, カナダ20件の投稿
2016年6月 • ファミリー
It's an impressing memorial site. I researched places to visit in New York, came across with a little video about this memorial. After visiting 9/11 memorial site, tried to find our bearings to the American Express memorial, asked for direction, nobody was able to tell us. We were going towards the exit, when an older gentlemen - a survivor of 9/11 knew about this fountains and gave us the directions. I'm really glad we found it. It's a beautiful tribute to the victims.
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Marc-Alexander K
Zusammen mit unserem Big Apple Greeter Joel Weiner gingen wir zum 11 Tears Memorial, welches für die elf, bei den Anschlägen vom 11. September verstorbenen Mitarbeiter von American Express in der Lobby errichtet wurde. Es befindet sich in unmittelbarer Nähe zum 9/11 Memorial und wird sicher oft übersehen. Es ist von der Architektur eher schlicht, aber ich bekomme jetzt noch Gänsehaut, wenn ich daran zurückdenke. In einem Elfeck sind die Mitarbeiter mit kleinen Erinnerungen erwähnt. Über den Gedenktafeln ist ein Wasserbecken, in das reihum Wasser troft, das die Tränen der Trauer symbolisieren soll. Wir waren ganz allein mit unserem Greeter dort und tief beeindruckt. Ein absolutes Muss für den NY-Besuch.
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セントオールバンズ, イギリス222件の投稿
2015年12月 • ファミリー
Very small memorial for 11 employees of American express in 9/11.
If you are in that building, it worth walking back there and see it, otherwise it is not a real tourist attraction to explore and visit.
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André Dantas
サンパウロ, ブラジル669件の投稿
No prédio do American Express foi construído um Memorial em homenagem aos 11 funcionários do American Express mortos no escritório que a empresa tinha no World Trade Center.
Ele é composto por um lago que tem o formato de um polígono de 11 lados. Em cada um dos lados está o nome de um dos 11 funcionários com as suas principais qualidades e características dadas por seus familiares. No centro (onde todos se unem) está um diamante pendurado. No teto 11 lâmpadas simbolizando os mortos. Do teto também caem gotas no lago, 24 horas por dia, simbolizando as lágrimas dos trabalhadores.
Muito emocionante
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ロンドン, イギリス107件の投稿
2015年10月 • カップル・夫婦
American Express have created a beautiful tribute in their offices to their 11 employees lost on 9\11. Each victim is remembered personally. Tear drops fall from the ceiling into the pool of water below.

The office is very close to the Freedom Tower.
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