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シアトル, ワシントン州439件の投稿
We were headed to the Border Museum and this was next door. Well worth a walk through. The video was good also so take a few minutes to enjoy it. We didn't walk around the property as it was very hot but their landscaping was nicely done also.
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チワワ, メキシコ129件の投稿
2022年4月 • ファミリー
Estuvo muy interesante la forma en que presentan el museo, tiene un jardín al exterior donde se ve la típica vegetación y adentro nos gusto mucho porque era un museo interactivo para niños, es pequeño pero está muy bien para visitarlo y cómo está junto al Border patrol museum pues dos pájaros de un tiro y ambos son gratis
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Esther P
シカゴ, イリノイ州1,328件の投稿
The Archaeology Museum is a little out of El Paso proper, and if you have any interest in archaeology, make sure you visit it. The exhibits are excellent and give a good pre-colonial history look at the area. The other main gallery has an excellent pottery collection. The gift shop has an good selection of books and magazines on Southwest Archaeology. We were there for about 1 1/2 hours.
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2019年5月 • カップル・夫婦
Right next to the Border Patrol Museum, this is a great stop for history of the area. Diaramas and displays in both English and Spanish make it a good choice for everyone. Lots of collections of pottery and artifacts, photographs and video give plenty to look at. Outside there are trails to explore with many labels identifying native plants. Friendly staff and free admission.
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Ron C
ゲインズヴィル, ジョージア1,000件の投稿
2019年2月 • カップル・夫婦
We stopped to go through the museum, well worth your time. They have some very good exhibits. But the best part is the nature trail behind the museum, just lovely. We were fortunate to have a perfect weather day for the .75 mile walk.
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エルパソ, テキサス州65件の投稿
2019年1月 • 友達
I love this museum. Tourists need to visit but it is a MUST for people living in the El Paso area. In the spring, there are paths to walk among the yellow poppies. Make lunch, sit and enjoy this true gem in the Franklin mountains.
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テルアビブ, イスラエル2,858件の投稿
2018年12月 • ファミリー
Just two rooms that give a description of life in the area many thousand years ago. The museum charges no fees for entrance and it was an interesting interval in our day tour of El Paso.
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John C
ヒルズボロ, オレゴン州270件の投稿
The interior consists of life sized dioramas which show how different peoples loved in the harsh conditions of the Chihuahuan desert. The museum makes a point of fairly representing the larger groups in the area. On the opposite side is a room with an interior conference room but the conference room has displays along the back with drawers filled artifacts and explanations. The outer portion of the great room has Meso-American artifacts. The staff are approachable, knowledgeable but allow you to chose whether you want to ask questions or silently absorb the displays in your own way. By the way be sure to walk the garden path outside as well. It’s also with the time.
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グリーンヴィル, ノースカロライナ州61件の投稿
My wife and I travel to Elpaso about once a year,we love the Elpaso area and the people of Elpaso and the surrounding area. That being said we also love to visit the many museums and the many sites of the area. The museum of Archaeology is another must see on your visit to elpaso. It has many displays of early man, women, children and the way they lived,how they hunted for food and the types of homes they lived in.You will truly enjoy the history that is provided by taking a tour of this museum,and it is next door to the Border Patrol museum, there is no charge to visit, if you wish a donation to keep this piece of history going would help. If you enjoy learning about early man kind do not pass up a chance to visit this museum, we visit each time we are in Elpaso and always enjoy our time at this museum.
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Joan W
グリーン バレー, アリゾナ州552件の投稿
2018年6月 • 一人
This museum traces the inhabitants of the greater El Paso and southwest area for the last 14,000 years (Ice Age through the Present) using huge dioramas and exhibits. Outdoors there are 15 acres with a nature trail and garden featuring 250 Chihuahuan Desert varieties of native plants. This is also one of the numbered sites on the Far West Texas Wildlife Trail. I know very little about archaelogy but found the information was presented in an interesting and understandable fashion. I was impressed not only with the quality of the material but also the quantity. For example, there were drawers you could pull out in one area with items ranging from beadwork and moccasins to war clubs and axes.
Outside besides the nature trail there is a desert garden where you enter and a pavilion (wheelchair accessible) with views of El Paso. The Museum is located next to the Border Patrol Museum on the scenic Trans Mountain Hwy (Loop 375) which goes through the Franklin Mountains and Franklin Mountain State Park. There is lots of free parking and free admission to the museum. I spent a morning seeing both museums and taking the scenic drive.
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