Moon River Brewing Company
Moon River Brewing Company
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Fantastic beers, great bartender but kitchen needs work
機知に富んだビールや、夫がいつも試してみたかったトウヒとモミのヒントで味付けされたビールなど、おいしいビールの非常に良い選択。私たちが到着したとき、とても混んでいたので、バーに座った。バーテンダーは素晴らしく、今までで最高の一人でした。見栄えの良い食べ物が持ち出されているのを見たので、夕食も注文しました。約15〜20分後、キッチンのグリッツがなくなり、注文したエビとグリッツを作ることができないと言われました。他の誰かがエビを食べているのを見て、エビを食べるのを見て、なぜもっと早く言われなかったのかと戸惑いました。 45〜60分待った後、誰かに注文を確認するように頼んだところ、夫のハンバーガーにはあと5分かかると言われました。約10分後、私たちの食べ物が持ち出されました。悲しいことに、私の皿にある20個以上のエビのうち、それらの半分未満は正当な皮をむいていました-n-適切に調理されたエビを調味料の殻で食べてください.それらはまともでしたが、残りは古い湾の調味料をまぶした通常のエビでした。そのうちの1つはまだほとんど凍っていました。明らかに、キッチンは私が気付かないことを望んでいました.やった。バーテンダーは深く謝罪し、私たちに請求しませんでした。待った後、夫の食事も素晴らしいものではありませんでした。ハンバーガーはいい味でしたが、あまり熱くはなく、フライドポテトもそうではありませんでした。おいしくて独創的なビールが飲みたければ、迷わずムーン リバーに行きましょう。ディナーを楽しみたいなら、他の選択肢を検討してください。


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Jane S
ジュピター, フロリダ州178件の投稿
2023年4月 • 友達
Well, this was a disappointment! Stopped in for a quick bite and some local brews.
First, the good, brews were abundant and there is a full bar for those who prefer to indulge in something else. The patio was welcoming and had great music.
The bad........terrible service and food. Two of us order the quesadilla with brisket. Took forever to get our meals and we were served the children's portion of plain cheese quesadillas. The waitress apologized and brought us a side of brisket which was fatty and dry. We had a tour to catch and did not have the option to get something else. We also did not get the happy hour pricing on our drinks. Live and learn, I guess.
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マリオン, イリノイ州697件の投稿
We stopped in for a flight of beer as is our tradition whenever we run into a brewery on vacation. Moon River was a pretty cool spot, and our server was really nice. If you're in the area and enjoy having a local beer, then I definitely recommend you stop in for a bit.
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グレナダ, ミシシッピ55件の投稿
2023年2月 • カップル・夫婦
We were there on a very busy night so had a wait. Our server was wonderful and friendly. I got the chicken and sausage gumbo over rice. I was not expecting very little gumbo juice over a plate of dark spicy looking rice. The chicken and sausage were fine but not exciting. The plate as a whole had heat but no flavor. Needed salt or something. My husband got a burger and fries. He also said it was nothing to brag about. Fried were not hot. Wouldn’t eat there again.
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Very good selection of tasty beers, including a wit bier and another flavored with spruce and fir tips which my husband has always wanted to try. When we arrived, it was very crowded so we sat at the bar. The bartender was great, one of the of the best we've had. We saw good looking food being brought out so we ordered dinner, too. About 15-20 mins later, I was told that the kitchen was out of grits and couldn't make the shrimp & grits that I ordered. I was puzzled why I had not been told sooner but switched to peel-n-eat shrimp as I saw someone else eating them and they looked amazing. After waiting for what seemed like 45-60 mins, I asked someone to check on our order and was told that it would be 5 more minutes for my husband's hamburger. About ten minutes later, our food was brought out. Sadly, of the 20+ shrimp on my plate, less than half of them were legitimate peel-n-eat shrimp that were cooked properly - in the shell in seasoning. They were decent but the rest of them were regular shrimp that had been dusted with old bay seasoning. One of them was still nearly frozen. Clearly, the kitchen was hoping I wouldn't notice. I did. The bartender apologized profusely and did not charge us for them. After all that wait, my husband's meal was also not stellar. The hamburger had a nice flavor but wasn't super hot and neither were the fries. If you want tasty and inventive beers, don't hesitate to go to Moon River, but if you want dinner, consider other options.
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ウェズレー チャペル, フロリダ州460件の投稿
2022年12月 • カップル・夫婦
We stopped here for lunch and my husband said it was the best shrimp and grits he’s ever had. The beer was great too 😉. I love stopping at breweries while on vacation.
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Angela G
My husband and I stopped here on a Monday night for dinner and the restaurant was pretty empty. I think there were only three other tables with customers at them. We placed our drink orders and it took quite awhile for our waitress to bring them to the table and take our dinner orders. While waiting, we saw another waitress apologize to another table for something, set down their drinks and then walk away. Within a few minutes that table got up and left. People kept coming up to the host and asking for a table and he kept turning them away telling them there was a long wait. Literally at this point there were three tables with customers at them. It took forever to get our food and the waitress apologized by saying the kitchen was backed up but I have no idea why. There were some tables outside so I couldnt see how busy those were but I didnt think the outside tables would cause that much back up in the kitchen. We awkwardly sat there waiting on our food for over an hour while the host just kept turning people away. When our food finally came my meal was not very good. I ordered chicken quesadillas and they were soggy and had almost no chicken in them. They were filled with grilled onions and peppers and had like three pieces of chicken in it. My husband had some taco dillas and said they were pretty good. The service was very slow and the atmosphere was uncomfortable. After our waitress RAN past us to take care of something at the bar we realized they were probably massively understaffed. It was not an enjoyable meal. I would say it would be best to head there for a drink maybe not a meal. I dont know if it was just an off night but it was very disappointing. Next time we head to Savannah we would most likely not head back there. The whole meal took way longer than it should have.
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Derek C
シカゴ, イリノイ州311件の投稿
It is on the main street, across from the river. So it's in a good location, but the noise from the traffic is loud. The only option for flights is if you try them all, which is 10 beer tasters for $20. I knew I wasn't going to drink 4 of them, but I wanted to try the others. The food was good and priced fair. I sat on the outside patio, but they have a big indoor seating section as well. They have separate male/female bathrooms and have a drag brunch on Sunday.
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College Park27件の投稿
2022年9月 • カップル・夫婦
This place was fabulous! Our server, Stokes, didn't need to write anything down, and brought us exactly what we wanted! Great lady. Dog friendly too!
Mexican lollipop was absolutely delicious, but the key lime shot was even better.
Loved this place. Will head over again literally in a few minutes.
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ダラス, テキサス州472件の投稿
Stopped in here our first night in area to meet up with friends for dinner. Just got a flight to try and wow my Tractorman liked the brews.

Bartender was good and attentive even for how busy they were. We sat in bar to leave space for those eating. We did not eat here but everything coming out looked tasty.

Fav beers - Wacky Wit, Swamp Fox, The Captains Porter, Slow-vannah, Bock to Basics and Swamp with nuke hops.

You have to park and pay a meter but if in area for supper well work it.
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ヴィラ リカ, ジョージア348件の投稿
2022年6月 • カップル・夫婦
Ok the o place is and has cool vibe we all ordered the lunch hamburgers. With fries.and we had a margarita....the hamburgers were just ok kinda dry Luke warm just blah ...fries were good . will try again....
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