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Amber L
2022年10月 • ファミリー

During my stay in NOLA I had the pleasure of staying at Cheatue Eliose which is in the 9th ward. Our stay was peaceful and quiet. We never once felt as if our life was in danger or if we had to take extra precautions. It was myself and my family which includes a 16 yr old and 7 yr old.

The 9th Ward is just like any other place.... except for the fact that it is seeped in social racism.

Yes, due to Katrina there was/is devastation.... and 17 yrs later the city and particularly the 9th ward havent recovered.

HOWEVER; to see and hear how our government, politics, and greed has let this part of town down.... speaks volumes to how our country actually sees those that are considered minorities or don't have the money to make up for being a minority.

Yes, you are going to see a SH!T TON of abandoned buildings and homes on the 9th ward because our government doesn't care about it, they are ready and willing to tear homes down to sell and make money.... go figure.

Not to mention the fact that the Make It Right foundation (along with many other greedy contractors) has basically victimized these people yet again.

Everyone saying that this is a dangerous place, what's so dangerous about it?

The fact that it's predominantly minorities.... seriously...

And I'm not sorry as I'm from Los Angeles and consider graffiti a from of art and expression, don't get me wrong.... it's not all great or awesome to look at... but graffiti alone doesn't make a bad neighborhood.

The reason it looks "scary" is welp.... if your not a minority, or comfortable being around minorities.... then yeah... it'd be a scary place SMDH 😕
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Robert B
フィラデルフィア, ミシシッピ22件の投稿
Remove the Lower 9th ward from places to visit! Please do this if you want to keep people who trust your sight from getting killed! There averages close to 1 murder a Day in New Orleans, and the Lower 9th id where well, WELL over than 50% are done! It used to be a good place, however, leadership in New Orleans has got soft on crime and the LOWER 9th, is GROUND ZERO for this!
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It feels strange and somewhat inappropriate to rate as a tourist destination but I left reviews about the garden district and the French quarter, so...
We unexpectedly found ourselves with a few extra hours during our weekend in New Orleans and we were driving back to the hotel from city park and spur of the moment decided to drive through the lower 9th ward. We were traveling with our teenage daughters who are too young to remember Katrina and we were talking about the history of New Orleans with them, and the subject of the flooding and aftermath came up. It was a sobering "field trip" and an eye opening experience for all of us. We didn't want to be disrespectful to people living there, so we only drove around and didn't take pictures. There are new houses and new schools so clearly there have been efforts at rebuilding but overall the area still looks poor and broken. There were still ruins and empty lots everywhere along with graffiti that reflected the most recent unrest. With Katrina museums still closed due to covid, I am glad we went because this really brought the reality and scale of the devastation home to me.
To be honest, we probably clearly stuck out as tourists but nobody bothered us. Maybe it was the graffiti, I did not feel altogether safe and wouldn't have walked around by myself, especially at night.
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Tanya T.
I don't know why my cousin wanted to visit the area but I went along with it. You can definitely tell that some properties have recovered and rebuilt, others are still boarded up. We didn't walk the 'hood. Instead, we drove up and down streets to get the lay of the land. I wouldn't recommend this unless you just want a first hand look, or you are part of a tour. Via guided tour, you can really understand the impacts of Katrina and how the devastation unfolded.
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Latasha S
ミルウォーキー, ウィスコンシン州150件の投稿
my girlfriend never been to N.O so i had to take her down to the lower 9th to show her what happen it was real to her because she was saying how thankful life is how hard it was for people to rebuild their homes how the government don't care for the people
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リバティー レイク, ワシントン州6,465件の投稿
2020年2月 • カップル・夫婦
Not recovering very well but then this was an economically depressed area way before Katrina.

I feel sadness for this forgotten area.

Just folks trying to get by. Not really a tourist spot.
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wendy L
エヴァンストン, イリノイ州498件の投稿
As part of our 3 hour city tour we visited the Lower 9th Ward and learned about what happened to this neighborhood and its people during Katrina. It is hard not to imagine yourself living in one of the homes, only to wake up one morning to the real threat of death and destruction literally barreling towards you. The residents had been told to have a hacksaw on hand to break through the attic ceiling if needed, and food and water at the highest levels to sustain them for several days. Yet even with all of that, people were not prepared for the reality of how quickly and violently devastation arrived at their doorstep. Our guide drove us through streets now filled with lovely Habitat for Humanity homes literally next door to destroyed properties which have never been reclaimed or rehabbed. What once was a sketchy neighborhood has become, primarily with the help of local musicians, much safer and cleaner, boasting playgrounds, community centers and youth programs. It truly is a story of the best and worst that nature and humanity have to offer. Everyone needs to hear the stories and see for themselves where and how it happened. Do this on a tour, with a guide - you need to get first hand information in order to fully appreciate the experience.
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フレデリクトン, カナダ1,458件の投稿
The 9th ward suffered tremendous damage from Katrina flooding with much loss of life. Many of the homes are still unoccupied and are as they were after the disaster and you can still see the signs painted on the doors of some houses indicating the number of occupants including pets. Very sobering.
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Jennifer P
デトロイト, ミシガン州234件の投稿
2019年10月 • カップル・夫婦
We took a tour thru the 9th ward and all the way thru Louisiana and further , we were told about the devastation and the water levels , interesting city with the history of Katrinas raft!
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カリ, コロンビア29件の投稿
It was sad to see what the people went through during hurricane Katrina and the houses abandoned and trying to rebuilt their houses and life again
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