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John H
2022年10月 • ファミリー
Provide proper cooked food (not the microwave crap thats ssrved up)
Get enoigh staff to man the bars and get some decent entertainment for both adults and cbildren
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Andrew P
Played here for the first time on Monday 29.8.22. And I must say I was impressed with the course. I'm a member at South Cliff but thought this course was forgiving and tricky at the same time, especially as playing with my two sons who both have a high handicap. Shot an 82 and will definitely be going back again. Down side was some of the greens were a bit patchy but apart from that a thumbs up from me and the two lads, and already planning another visit.
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Rob N
ミルトン ケインズ, イギリス428件の投稿
2021年8月 • ファミリー
Great golf course with some tight fairways and several ponds. Well maintained, with good professionals shop, a nice restaurant doing all day breakfasts and a wide selection of drinks.
All the staff were very friendly and helpful.
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キングストン アポン ハル, イギリス13件の投稿
2021年8月 • 友達
Played a 3 ball on the 18 hole course. The course was very well maintained and couldn't fault it at all. Other players on the course were nice and friendly. The only thing stopping me giving 5 stars is that we finished late and the club shop was shut and couldn't find who to give the keys to the buggy back to
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イースト・ライディング・オブ・ヨークシャー州, イギリス12件の投稿
2019年9月 • ビジネス
So sorry to have interrupted your bar person today. He'd seen us arrive and walked off and went out and lit up a fag.
No one else around to serve. We asked if he was serving...He'd said in a minute when I've finished.
He stubbed his cig out angrily causing his spots to stand out more.

Placed our order, no please or thank you. Acted like he didn't want to be there.
Can you please train this chap.
Or if this business has money to spare at least make the drinks free as it won't make a profit.
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Ellen B
マンチェスター, イギリス18件の投稿
Links golf course in a lovely unspoiled setting. Open outlooks over fields and the sea. Lots of fresh air. Friendly atmosphere in the bar/restaurant and good range of food.
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victor A
オセット, イギリス4件の投稿
Four of us had a lovely day at Far Grange Golf club we started the day with four lovely full breakfasts followed by 18 holes the course was in great condition the nice greens which were in good condition . we finished with a nice oint and i took the money ££ Lol
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ハンマンビー, イギリス3件の投稿
2019年8月 • 友達
This is a really top notch golf course the condition was and still is fantastic it's well kept and the club house staff are very friendly and helpful.

The club shop is well stocked and have almost everything you can want, there's a driving range that is ample if a bit small.
you can get meals here most times and their latte coffee is only one pound, a bargain.
The price varies depending on how many are playing in your group and when, but we got on at the weekend for £20 each,I think it's £16 per head if you play a four. Buggies are available as long as you have them back by I think it's half 5, and cost about £15.
I can honestly say that this is one of the nicest courses I have played.
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Vanessa N
キングストン アポン ハル, イギリス119件の投稿
2019年6月 • カップル・夫婦
This is always a treat for us - there is the usual fish n chippy fish & chips, but on the board there is fresh fish - from king prawns, fish soup, dressed crab and warm crab for starters, followed by on this visit Dover Sole, Crab salad, Skate, Cod with tomato and cheese or Lobster.

Our family always choose the prawns in chilli and garlic, but one had the warm crab and one had the soup - delicious though the feedback on the soup was whilst it was delicious it was more watery than usual - minor blip.

2 had the usual fish and chips one had crab salad, one skate, one dover sole and one cod with tomato and cheese - all served with chips (new potatoes are available), and either mushy or garden peas. Usual accoutrements of curry sauce etc are also available. White and brown bread made up the order. All went down very well.

Puddings vary - today there was strawbery meringue, summer fruit crumble, lemon pot or rhubarb & ginger crumble. The latter with custard and icecream was well receied as was the meringue. The rest of us were too full.

It is bring your own alcohol, which we did both wine and beer (no corkage fee), soft drinks are available and we always ask for a jug of water.

Another great meal. It's not a fast meal but we enjoy the time to chill and relax, and you are not rushed in any way. The table system is first come, first served - walk in, grab a table number and find a table. Staff will come round and take your order - if ordering the fish n chips I imagine it is quicker. Staff are very friendly and if you want other sauces / dressings, they are very helpful.
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2019年5月 • カップル・夫婦
we ate in bar restaurant food was rubbish.it took forever to come at least an hour.when it did arrive it was dissapointing.portions very small.the bar and restaurant really under staffed.got to ask why.it seems now it is very pfofit related.
wont go there again.
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