Floyd's Pelican Bar
Floyd's Pelican Bar

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Al D
2023年4月 • ファミリー
Perfect place to bring family and friends. It is so relaxing. Absorb the beautiful view. There is a bar and kitchen.
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ワーナーズビル, ペンシルバニア州2件の投稿
2023年9月 • 友達
We visited Floyd's Pelican Bar in September 2023 with friends after a day at YS Falls. We used Jamaica Transport Tours for our tour guides. ( I highly recommend their services) We stayed to watch the sunset which was a real treat. We had the pleasure of meeting Floyd who is so humble and kind and made our group feel so welcome. My husband brought his guitar and Floyd sat with us and listened to him play. You have to take a little boat to get there obviously which was included in our tour. The red stripe tasted amazing sitting on the deck at Floyd's. Don't miss visiting this little gem, this was our second visit to this cute little place and it won't be our last.
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グレーター・ロンドン, イギリス87件の投稿
2023年9月 • 友達
Such a fantastic experience! We only had an hour here but it was fantastic. One friend swam in the sea off of the pelican bar. Had a beer on the deck. Amazing.
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2023年8月 • ファミリー
this is my happy place, Great food, Great vibes and amazing customer service. We have been to this location several times and each time it feels like my first time. on one occasion we saw a pod of dolphins swimming by and it was just a magical moment....
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2023年7月 • 友達
This place came highly recommended by my driver and I was not disappointed. It is a very unique bar in the middle of the water with a very laid back vibe. It’s rustic and simple. Depending upon the time of day you go can vary your experience. I went earlier in the day and it was a chill vibe. If you go later when it’s busier, I am the energy is higher.

Bring your snorkeling gear because the water is 4-5 feet high.

Things to know before you go:
-plan to spend an hour and a half at minimum.
-if you are order food, expect a bit of a wait
-any tour you take does not always you directly there. You will need to take an additional boat.

I didn’t take a tour and used my driver to get there from Negril. His name is Owen 876-320-0634.. He’s phenomenal!
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nick c
オンタリオ州, カナダ40件の投稿
2023年6月 • カップル・夫婦
Views are spectacular! Good drinks, order your food asap and plan to stay for 3hrs or more because of long wait times for food. Most unreal bar ive ever been too
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Keith Lloyd
ベルファスト, イギリス13件の投稿
2023年6月 • カップル・夫婦
This is the best bar experience in Jamaica. Well worth doing the trip on itself as you can spend more time. About 1km off shore and food and drink are superb with a great vibe onboard
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Info J
2023年3月 • 友達
Simply put, this place is magical and good for the soul. A quick 10 min boat ride out once you reach the shore near Pelican Bar. Hop off the boat to the bar, order some fresh made-to-order food, grab a drink, and pop back into the sea! Highly recommend Jamaica Transport Tours to escort you, as they do private transportation and are a blast to be with. They don't rush you at all.
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トロント, カナダ10件の投稿
2023年1月 • 友達
This was so much fun, we drove a couple hours from Negril. We saw crocs on the river which was so cool.
The boat was about 15mins out to sea. Then we arrived @ Floyds Pelican Bar. What a treat. Cold red stripe, a fish dinner in middle of the ocean. You can step off into the water, as Floyds is built on a sand bar. Just beautiful. We stayed most of the day. Music, food & drinks a plenty. Some people were playing dominos.
But make sure u get ur name carved into the wood platform, we did & have gone back to add to it on our last trip. What a fantastic day. Book ur day here enjoy the vibes. One love ❤️🇯🇲❤️
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ベッドフォード, イギリス78件の投稿
2023年5月 • カップル・夫婦
The pelican bar is like no other bar I have visited. The unique atmosphere and vibe is no other. From the boat ride to get out there to the totally laid back vibe, it’s well worth it. We visited while we were in the area, as we went to YS falls

The downside is the hassle from the vendors to carve your names into the wood deck and walls of the bar, to having photos taken and even a small bottle of beer costing US$5
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