Trailriders Horse Trekking

Trailriders Horse Trekking (グヴィア)

Trailriders Horse Trekking




mark s
ドンカスター, イギリス12件の投稿
2021年9月 • カップル・夫婦
What a fantastic way to see the island. The horses were amazing and for beginners absolutely perfect. I would highly recommend this trek. Thankyou so much.
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ロンドン, イギリス20件の投稿
A highlight of our trip to Corfu!
We had a really lovely ride with Trailriders. Communication prior to the ride was great, and we were welcomed upon our arrival. Sally-Ann was clearly extremely experienced and set any nerves at ease. She was really adaptable in switching up the horses based on size and ability. The ride itself was really nice and varied and we were given a nice refreshment at the end. The experience really was a highlight of our trip and a bit of respite from the blazing heat. Very reasonably priced too - highly recommend!
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Robèrt Kroonen
Horseriding in Corfu
2021年8月 • カップル・夫婦
A great thing to do when you are in Corfu! I never dit anything like this before, but was surpised how much fun it was!

We drove with 4 in total. We were with two, the owner and a girl. The atmosphere was great, we received very helpful and informative tips.

The horses looked great! They were very happy for sure, liked the attention very much and received the best care. The surroundings in which we rode were beautiful. It was also very fun to see that the owner had very good contact with the locals.

Again, do not hesitate to go here and explore inland Corfu!


Robèrt Kroonen
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Sam M
Great experience!
2021年7月 • カップル・夫婦
Went into the experience with no prior experience and found it to be surprisingly comfortable. The people where extremely welcoming and offered things such as drinks whilst supplying appropriate clothing pre riding. Getting onto the horse with no experience was at first scary however once we started riding it was rather easy and the experience of seeing Corfu’s countryside was enjoyable. Would definately recommend to riders of any experience!
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Sandra Supp
Wonderful horse ride experience in Corfu !
Wonderful horse ride experience. Sally, the owner, is very friendly and helpful to organize the best experience for guests. She asked for my ridding experience and the horse was perfect for my level (very calm and following the leading horse).

The ranch is nice and clean. Easy to access also with public transport. You just need to take the blue bus line #7 to Dassia and Sally was there to pick me up. Very well organized. You can really see that the horse are happy and well treated.
I would highly recommend the ranch, even if you are a total beginner.
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アムステルダム, オランダ15件の投稿
Beautiful nature, nice 7 km ride through a village and a nice path through the country side.
2021年5月 • 一人
It was so lovely! So sereen with the beautiful nature of Corfu and then riding your horse. I was a beginner and a bit nervous at first. Sally made the instructions very clear so I felt really safe. Even though I was riding on a big beautiful white horse (named Katy), it all went really good. We even did some trotting (which means going a bit faster), I felt comfortable the whole ride and the equipment is also very professional.
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Isabelle H
Lovely tour
2020年9月 • カップル・夫婦
We booked the tour as couple, one with zero experience and the other with medium experience. The horses were well behaved and of course they know the ways, also when to walk and when to trot. Nevertheless it was a nice ride through the woods and a small village. Absolutely recommendable!
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Andrew F
ノースウィッチ, イギリス25件の投稿
An excellent experience
2020年8月 • ファミリー
My partner saw this and wanted to go. She had ridden in the past but its been a few years now. The last time I was on a horse was boy scouts and our son had never ridden before. Sally has trained the horses well and my partner had one with a bit more spirit that needed more control, mine less so, and our sons was perfect for his level of experience. If you are extremely experienced and want a free range trot I'm not sure if this is for you. If you are not entering next years national then it's a great experience, fantastic value for money, you get to see some lovely countryside and the hosts are spot on
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アストン・クリントン, イギリス17件の投稿
Fantastic horse ride - best way to get a feel for Corfu!
Sally was absolutely brilliant from the initial enquiry. Sally picked us up from our hotel, and made us feel welcome from the moment we got in the car. She explained what we'll be doing and what we can expect, also gauging our experience.

It was clear how much Sally really knew and cared for her horses, she knew them individually and their personalities. This was great and also meant we got matched with a horse suitable for our skill levels.

The trek itself was beautiful! We went through a village, olive groves , the whole trek was so stunning. Very relaxing and a memorable experience. Even if you have no experience with riding horses, you will still love it! My husband has some experience and mine is fairly limited but we loved every minute of it, Sally did everything to make sure both of us were comfortable.

Highly highly recommend if you want to see Corfu in a different way and one you'll remember!
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Darren F
レディング, イギリス1件の投稿
Very enjoyable and memorable experience.
2020年7月 • カップル・夫婦
A very enjoyable and memorable experience. Something my partner and I had never done together but glad we did. As novice riders, Sally provided clear instructions and was very patient, making it an enjoyable experience. We were taught how to trot and then allowed to put it into practice at various stages of the trek which I was not expecting. The trek itself was very picturesque, taking us off road along tacks though woodland and on through the village. The location of the stables and trek felt authentic. Would recommend.
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