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バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0435件の口コミ

デンバー, コロラド州12件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
2024年2月 • カップル・夫婦
What an incredible spot! We stayed here for a week. This beach has such a fun and enjoyable vibe. We didn't get to spend nearly as much time on the actual beach as we would have liked but the times we were here were magical. The views never failed to amaze us. We never felt in any danger and the locals were always pleasant. My only regret is not staying here longer.
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バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
2024年2月 • 友達
Our original plan to travel to Costa Rica was due to a work related event. Thanks to some friends we were able to extend our stay at the Jade Condos in the area. As our first time here we were pleasantly surprised to see many tourists and locals who speak English. They helped orient us and gave us tips to navigate the area. The area itself is busy and has plenty of restaurants, groceries, vendors, and of course the beach within walking distance. Prices here are relatively the same as in Canada. There is a 10% gratuity added to restaurant bills. We felt safe in the area. The beach is unique given its dark sand, but it could use a regular schedule of garbage pick up. Vendors will try to sell their goods, but they are friendly and not pushy. If visiting in February, get ready for some glorious sun and heat!
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Kate's T
レッド ディア, カナダ126件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
2024年2月 • カップル・夫婦
Just got back from Coco 2 days ago. Spent a week using it as our base. We had stayed further south the week before. We had a good time in Coco, but there are much nicer places on the same coast. Coco's beach was great for swimming, but the beach itself was very littered. Restauarnts were all good except the Villa Italia. The guy who runs it was very rude. Its very expensive, so if you are looking for a cheap vacation, don't bother with Costa Rica. Some days the stench on Coco's main street due to build up of garbage was overwhelming. Once they were picked up it was fine, but we couldn't even eat in any of the restaurants because of the smell.
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サンタアナ, コスタリカ234件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
2023年12月 • 友達
Me gustó pero creo que debe haber más orden en la playa y con el tema de los espacios que rentan hay gente que se cree dueña de la playa , la municipalidad debería ordenar a la gente
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ノバ スコシア州のファンディ湾 と アナポリス バレー, カナダ51件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 3.0
2023年3月 • カップル・夫婦
Busy town with many Canadians and some Americans mixed in with folks from Germany, Italy etc. Beach is quite lovely with lots of room for walking and not crowded. As many restaurants and souvenir shops as most beach towns in the area. Great Italian gelato. But, there is garbage everywhere. Apparently the town doesn’t care. Incentive for disease, rats, mice etc. Lots of very high end resorts in the area. Other beach towns a better choice with decent garbage collection.
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フィラデルフィア, ペンシルバニア州226件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
Very busy tourist town area. Black sand beach. Sting rays were in the water. Views are beautiful. Lots of shopping options. Very congested. Street peddlers also selling items. We heard many expats have settled there in condos and homes.
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ソロモン, メリーランド州39件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 2.0
2023年2月 • カップル・夫婦
Compared to many of the other areas we visited in Costa Rica this was our least favorite. We chose this area for the last two days of our trip because of the proximity to the airport. The town was dirty and the beach was not very good. It has a good party scene so if you like that it would be an OK spot for about two days. Also, it may be a good diving spot . Luckily our hotel ( Puerta Del Sol) was comfortable and had a nice restaurant, bar and pool.
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メープル グローブ, ミネソタ州16件の投稿
バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
We took the water taxi from our hotel - Riu Guanacaste beach - to Coco Beach - way better than on the road!!! About a 30 minute trip on the water - was great!! Coco Beach is perfect for all the souveniers you could possibly imagine!!
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Pierre L
バブル評価 5 段階中 4.0
We were a bit disappointed with the beach sand which is from a volcanic source. It is a very long beach for those who like to walk it. The usual activities such as sunset cruises, diving and fishing are available. There are plenty of restaurants with good food. Within an hour drive is a great Diamante Eco Adventure Park with zip lines, a wolrd class animal sanctuary and other activities.
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バブル評価 5 段階中 5.0
Nice beach, lots of "touristy" shops for souvenirs. Nice food from the vendors along the sea front, and some friendly dogs!
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